Back Pain Inversion Table

Back Pain Inversion Tables can help wit back problems. YOu see, back pain is a common problem experienced by nearly any adult

in his or her life at some time. It is an irritating feeling. It could not allow you to live your life fully. Therefore it should be attended as early as possible.

Early diagnosis of causes of back pain allows you to recover fast. The main causes of back pain are muscle spasms, weak spine, poor posture etc. We can overcome the back pains if we are successful to face the problem of gravity. Inversion table therapy is based on this principal.

When you hand out upside down that is head down and legs up, then you are not against the force of gravity but exact in the same line. This gives chance to increase the gap between the every vertebrate of the spinal cord. Ligaments around the vertebrae will face less pressure compared to the normal position. Also nerve roots are free from such pressure. Obviously this results in reducing the back pain.

The blood circulation is improved and the muscles in the stomach and back are stretched out. They will have more flexibility. This is so effective in battling with the back pain that US army has also included the theory in their physical training.

Of course it is very necessary for you to get diagnosed by a well known doctor. If he recommends the inversion therapy for your back pain then the detailed instructions about the use of this inversion table should be given by the doctors. Under the guidance of experienced instructor you should start your treatment.

The time of inversion should be less for the beginners. You should always keep in mind that small amount of over exercise may increase your back pain. Hence it is better to do it in a right way to avoid over doing. You should listen to what your body says. The angle of inversion is important. If the angle is small you can hang out for longer time. Gradually increasing the angle is the best policy.

If you are not comfortable then you should return to flat lying position then to upright standing slowly. This happens with most of the people because you are not used to be in upside down position. Probably you would not have been in such position in your life time or may in your childhood you have done this.

Force of gravity assists the upside down position. Traction is the weight which our muscles will carry. When we are in upside down position, the weight of other parts of body are working like traction to different parts and this traction is in perfect amount to support it. When we are talking about the back pain relieving, we will concentrate on lower/ upper back and neck. The 60% body weight is above the last vertebrae of spine. There are large discs to give support for this weight. And there are smaller discs in neck region to support the weight of head.

Upper back pain is the result of stress and overwork. If you get massage of shoulder and back in inverted position, the pain is relieved. You can do stretching exercises to assist the muscles to move in the lower back area. Simple massage to neck will give more relief. You can keep your arms behind your head which will add the traction to your neck.

Nothing is worse than back pain, especially when it is both chronic and acute. Eventually many people will try exercises for lower back aches. The right exercises can, in fact, help the situation.

The problem is that most people only learn how to do the exercises, without understanding why they might help the back pain in the first place. What is the purpose of the exercise is a far more important question than how to do it.

If the right exercise is done the wrong way, or with the wrong goal, additional damage can and often does happen. Usually the added injury is written off to the exercises failing and the back pain being untreatable by exercise. Really it is a misunderstanding of what the exercise is supposed to accomplish that cause it to fail. The average back pain sufferer over stretches already badly damaged areas reaching for the instant cure to their pain.

Why not? They are told the exercises are to relieve pain. If only they would stop and ask themselves how the exercise accomplishes the pain relief. No exercise can cure your lower back aches. They are not meant to. They are meant to give your back very small adjustments, similar to what a chiropractor does for you. How many times has a chiropractor stopped someone's back pain in a single visit?

When it comes to stopping lower back aches with exercise, don't expect a miracle. It takes a patient effort, doing the right exercises, the right way, at the right time, and some mild inversion to totally eliminate your back pain.

In the end, your back pain will have stopped and you will start your life with enthusiasm.