Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back Pain Exercises can be very helpful for you. YOu see, lower back pain is mostly experienced by adults over age of 45 years. It is a result of muscle strain because of overuse or injury. This pain can be reduced by some stretching exercises. Most of adults can continue their active routine with the exercises for back, legs, stomach. Some times exercise may help to prevent the increase in pain.

Some simple exercises can be done at home without anybody's special guidance or any special instrument. First thing you should remember that doing the exercises will not give the immediate results but you have to continue it for considerable time then only you will see gradual improvement. Start the exercise routine without any fear in mind. Once you have started you must observe the activities which may feel uncomfortable for you. You may avoid such activities if they are painful.

The exercises are helpful for you to make your muscles of abdomen and spine strong. It ultimately helps to avoid back pain. Strong muscles are essential for ideal position of your spine and this gives you good posture.

You should always start your exercise with warming up your muscles. Fast walking or aerobic activity for 5-10 minutes will be ideal for this. Wearing comfortable loose attire helps you to do the exercises easily. If any particular activity is painful then you should not do it and continue it only with the guidance of expert.

Slowly you should increase the activity level. The regular exercise will help you to improve your strength and flexibility. Two simple exercises are recommended for Lower back pains are pelvic tilt and knees to chest.

Pelvic Tilt

In this exercise you have to lie on your back. Then bend your knees. This is a relaxed position because small part of your back is untouched by the floor. If you try to tighten your abdominal muscles your back tries to press against the floor. In this position you should hold for 5 second. After relaxing repeat it again. Slowly you should go up to 10 rounds.


Start your exercise with lying down on your back. Keep your legs straight. Then you should move your one knee up to your chest. This you have to do with pelvic tilt. Your back must be pressing into the floor. Keep the position for 5 seconds and do the same with the other leg. Repetition for 5 times with each leg will help you to relax.

Cat stretch, Camel stretch, prone hip extension and hamstring stretch are also used as lower back pain exercises.

Besides the specific exercises many sports help to battle the lower back pain. Walking, biking, swimming are excellent for solving the lower back pain; while sports which causes sudden twists, rough contact are not safe for your back. Football, soccer, volleyball, handball, sledding, ice hockey are not recommended if you have lower back pain.

Painful and pesky shoulders, necks, and backs afflict many of us - as much as 90 percent of us - from time to time. The pain can be mild to intense, and it could manifest itself as a dull ache, sharp throbbing, or constant tingling. What is the root of the pain and how can you relieve it? When ignored, the pain can go from bad to worse, and can become chronic and debilitating. For these reasons it's important to pay attention to these problems and address them quickly.

For many people, what causes upper back shoulder pain and neck pain are misaligned vertebrae and slipped or burst cervical discs. Although this may sound scary, fortunately, these kind of alignment and structural problems are not life-threatening, but they can be annoying. Visiting a chiropractor is the best way to get started on healing the pain.

Muscular problems might be what causes upper back shoulder pain and neck pain. Pulled muscles and fascia are examples of muscular problems. This affliction is quite widespread and can be prompted by sleeping in a strange position, hefting heavy items, or even toting around a small child. Taking anti-inflammatory medicine, resting the muscles, and icing the painful area can help. Herbal remedies are also available to treat inflammation. Looking up back pain product reviews can help you make a decision.

In some cases, what causes upper back shoulder pain and neck pain is "referred pain". This can happen if what is causing the pain is due to a problem in a different location from where the pain is felt. Generally speaking, the referred pain is benign, but it's still good to get a check-up, in case the pain is being referred from the heart, gallbladder, gastric system or somewhere else that needs attention.

What causes upper back shoulder pain and neck pain varies from person to person, but in many cases it is "idiopathic" or without any known cause. Rather than being from an unknown physical ailment, or from something that remains undiagnosed, this is actually a problem with the nervous system. The pain receptors in the brain and spinal column are not communicating properly.

For people with idiopathic pain, back pain releif can be achieved by practicing relaxation and visualization techniques that help calm these pain receptors.

You can reduce your lower back pain through exercise only after consultation with your doctor. It should not be acute pain then only the exercises are useful.