Right Side Back Pain

Right side back pain needs to be taken seriously. Roughly 80% of adult people face the problem of back pain. Hence it is quite obvious to discuss this problem with the doctor and friends and colleagues. Some may describe their pain with specific area like lower back pain or Right side back pain.

People are eager to find out the successful remedy for this irritating pain. For that it is necessary to understand the cause of the back pain. Every individual's body is unique and everybody's habits are different. So treatments are fixed only after detail study of daily habits and practices.

Right side back pain is the result of bad posture and the wrong habits of lifting and pulling objects. Some times an injury in the back may cause such pain. Such back pain can be relieved by stretching exercise and proper medication. The treatment will be decided by the doctor after fixing the cause of the back pain. It may be healed within six week or some more days.

If you are observing your posture and if it is not perfect; then your spine may not be strong and stable. When you improve your posture, your spine will have enough strength which may result in removing the back pain. But it will take time to improve your posture. You should have patience to continue the positive change.

The second important reason of Right side back pain is the incorrect way of lifting the objects from the floor. While bending to lift the things you should not bend from the waist but to bend from knee. The weight of the object does not matter much if you follow proper way of picking up. However you may face right side back pain if you try to lift excessive weight. People with excessive body weight probably face the right side back pain. It is always better to control your body weight.

If you are facing the problem of muscle imbalance, then it is quite possible that you are facing right side back pain. The balance amongst various muscles in our body can be achieved by appropriate exercise.

If you have more body weight on any side of your body, then there is no balance between usage and strength of right and left side of body. This may result in right side back pain.

Right side back pain is always misunderstood as the kidney back pain. Kidney back pain is the result of kidney infection or kidney stone. Such type of back pain can be removed with proper medication for kidney problem. But the main thing is to differentiate between the kidney back pain and right side back pain. Some doctors may use the tests like Urine Dipstick, Urine culture or scan and X ray of bladder.

Right side back pain may not be acute but it is necessary to give attention towards the pain. Some times the diagnosis of right side back pain may lead to other serious problems of kidney.

Neck pain - elbow pain - triceps Neck pain due to C7 nerve root irritation is second only to C6 nerve root irritation. Those with elbow pain commonly have C6 and C7 nerve root irritation. Triceps is supplied by the C6-C7 nerve roots, especially C7 root carried through the radial nerve. Pain and spasm in the triceps together with pain and spasm in the wad of three supplied by the C5 and C6 nerve roots (brachioradialis, extensor carpi radialis longus and extensor carpi radialis brevis) will give rise to significant elbow pain commonly known as tennis elbow. Triceps muscle has three heads namely the long head, lateral head and the medial head. The lateral head and the medial head arise from the posterior aspect of the arm bone (humerus).

The long head is the only part of triceps that crosses the shoulder joint since it arises from the tubercle on the shoulder blade bone just below the shoulder joint. It inserts into an area called the olecranon on the back of the ulnar bone. It acts to straighten the elbow. The long head however can bring the arm toward the body when it is spread away from the body. Due to the constant exposure to lengthening contractions, triceps is weak in most people especially in the presence of a C7 nerve root involvement. Neck pain - elbow pain - hand pain - extensor digitorum Neck pain due to C7 nerve root irritation will cause pain and spasm in the extensor digitorum and the other muscles on the back of the forearm causing elbow pain and hand pain also.

The posterior interosseous nerve carries the C7 nerve root fibers to these muscles. This muscle arises from the lower most portion of the arm bone (humerus) known as the lateral epicondyle. It inserts into the back of all the finger tips (distal phalanges) except for the thumb. It acts to straighten the fingers (extension) and also helps in picking up the wrist (dorsiflexion).

Treatment for the right side back pain problem is different in every case. But normally the exercise routine, good posture, changing of habits of lifting and pulling objects, and controlling the body weight are the methods used.