Coin Grading

Coin Grading is important to note. Coins are graded as per various norms , grading of coin or Coin grading is a procedure of determining the condition of the coin and grading them, coin grading is a very vital point in fixing the value of the coin .Coins are illustrated by their source country ,their face value their type mint mark date condition and rarity.

Coin Grading has become increasingly necessary to evaluate a coins market value ,there aren't any scientific means to measure the conditions of a coin, that's where grading comes in .

Coin grading has progressed quiet a lot ,initially there were only 2 kinds of words used for grading Used and New ,as time went by letter grading system became increasingly used where grades like PO were given for Poor, Fr for Fair , AG for Almost Good , G for Good, F for Fine ,VF for Very Fine , EF/XF for Extra Fine, AU Almost circulated, Unc for Un circulated BU for Beautiful Un circulated .

A little later a renowned American Doctor and an ardent coin collector Dr William Sheldon in his book Penny Whimsy came up with a numeric way of grading I which the coins would be graded on a numeric scale of 1 -70 ,this method of grading was known as Sheldon Scale.This numeric grading system was used mainly by copper coin collectors.

Mid 1980's PCGS that is Professional Coin Grading Service was introduced.PCGS became an authority in itself, they not only graded the condition of the coin but also had the means to discriminate genuine and fake coins. PCGS used a combination of 2 old methods the Alphabetic and the numeric in collaboration.Their grades were in this form

PO-1 FR-2 AG-3 G-4 G-6 VG-8 VG-10 F-12 F-15 VF-20 VF-25 XF-40 XF-45 AU-50 AU-58 MS-60 MS-63 MS-65 MS-70.

They also gave limited value guarantee to the coin graded by them.The whole concept of grading was to make the trading of coins easier in the open market. Though grading has some limitations ,coin grading is done on more technical basis not market basis and sometimes this can create a problem in cost pricing a particular coin.The main thing that PCGS was able to achieve was reducing the number of fake coins from the market.

Around 2006 PCGS was not the only grading system ,NGS Numeric Guaranty Corporation ,ANACS and ICG also were a part of coin grading industry.

Coin grading can be done by an individual or a professional, one can sought help from the ever increasing list of coin grading service providers. It is important to sought help only from genuine experienced people or services .Professional grading services guarantee their authenticity with certificates in this case chances of you being cheated are minimal .Any unprofessional help or buying an uncertified coin can sometimes also land you with huge losses.

If one has little or no knowledge of coin grading, and you also lack the skills to and experience to check the authenticity of a coin, it is definitely sensible to take help from reputed certifies grading service providers.

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