Coin Value

Coin Value depends on several things. Focus on the facts,

Coins are of course small disk shaped metal pieces used for money transactions.Until today coins played a very vital role in our day to day currency circulation. In today's times many new types payment modes have been introduced.

Bank noted credit cards paper money like travelers cheque wire transfer of money. For higher denominations we use Bank notes and coins for smaller day to day transaction.

Coins in the ancient times were made out of Gold Silver metal ,this practice was stopped by countries in the early 19th century, when metal prices shot up .

The face value of the coin is always of lower denomination so the metal used has to be of reasonable pricing too. As the economy grew Gold and Silver was stopped for currency coins, these expensive metals were used for producing Bullion coins which are bought only for the purpose of investing.

Nowadays metal copper and nickel coins have replaced the valuable metal for currency coins. Valuable Bullion coins like Gold coins Silver coins Platinum Coins are valued as per the prevailing market rate of the metal. Gold Silver and Platinum coins o not have fixed price they fluctuate as per the market fluctuations.

Coin values of other coins like currency coins is the face value of the coin, the amount printed on the coin is the value of the coin.

Coin Values of rare old coins is totally dependable ,there are many factors which determine the price of such coins like the historical significance of the coin the rarity the age the condition the mint mark ,all these are taken into account while valuation of the coins.

Coin Grading also plays a versatile role in coin values. Coins are graded keeping in mind all the aspects especially the uniqueness the age and the condition of the coin. Good coins can be marked as below

G-6 VG-8 VG-10 F-12 F-15 VF-20 VF-25 XF-40 XF-45 AU-50 AU-58 MS-60 MS-63 MS-65 MS-70.Where as average or poor coins are marked as PO-1 ,FR-2, AG-3,G-4.

A well graded coin is always valued at a higher price.Coin values are also determined on the demand of the coin , sometimes a rare old coin would not be highly priced as the demand for the coin among the coin collectors is low.

On the contrary a commonly circulated coin would fetch a higher price ,as the demand for that particular coin is relatively higher with con collectors.

Coin collection is an expensive hobby ,earlier this hobby belonged to Kings with the advent of various coins in circulation more and more people are getting interested in this hobby.

Coins are of high value so need to be verified thoroughly before investing money in it. Coin value as well as their grades are to be well checked before one invests any kind of money.

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