New Dollar Coin

New Dollar Coins are cool!. And in 2007, the United States Mint produced a new series of new dollar coins. The Presidential $1 coin program, in this the new dollar coins are identical I size color and composition .These new dollar coins would have the printed face of former United States Presidents on the front and prints of the Statue of Liberty on the reverse side .These new dollar coins or the Presidential 41 coin would be introduced in a series of 4 per year in correspondence to the Presidents office term.

The Presidential $1 Coin program is a an act passed by the Congress on 22 December 2005,directing the United States mint to produce new $1 dollar coins engraved with the pictures of U.S Presidents.

The new dollar program commenced on 1st January 2007,this program is quiet similar to the State Quarter program, this program will not conclude till every eligible President is honored. In the program coins engraved with the faces of 4 Presidents will be produced every year ,issuing one first and the next 3 month later.

The back of the coin has the print of the Statue of Liberty ,along with $1 printed and the inscription of the words United States of America.

At the edge of the coin the year of minting the coin and the prodigy words In God We Must Trust are printed. The word Liberty has been removed from the new dollar coins as the print of the statue passes on the message of liberty.

The act does not lay specifications on the color of the coin, but it has laid emphasis to follow the specifications of the Golden Dollar. The first new dollar coin or the President 41 coin was first introduced on the 15th of February 2007, honoring the Presidents Day which follows on February 19th.

The new dollar program would in all take 11 years to honor each and every President ,as George W. Bush being the 43rd President .As per the act for a president face to appear on the coin he or she must be dead for at least 2 years, and the program would end only when all the then most eligible Presidents are honored. If a particular Presidents is not eligible for his face to be engraved on the coin ,then he will be eliminated and the next in line would be considered for the honoring.

March 8th 2007 ,the United States Mint announced that by error a large number of George Washington coins were circulated without the legendary words In God We Trust engraved, professional coin grading companies released approx 50000 such coins were released by the mint. These coins gained the name of being "Godless Dollars", the first few coins fetched its collector as high as $600 which later fell to $ 40 to$ 60 .These specimens as off now hold nothing more than the face value.

In March an America couple found a George Washington Dollar without stamping on both the sides ,these rare error coins fetched a very high market value.

New Dollar Coins are worth their purchase...and often more.

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