Convex Mirror

There are two kinds of curved mirrors, concave and convex, and each of them has a wide range of applications in day to day life. First of all, a convex mirror is the one with the protruding reflective part oriented towards the light source. With a spherical profile and a virtual image that is shown smaller that it is in real life, the convex mirror is used in car industry, on the street, in shops and institutions mostly for security purposes. At crossroads where visibility is diminished because of a corner or an angle that one of the roads makes, a convex mirror prevents accidents by enabling drivers to see around the corner.

Furthermore, in other sectors of activity, the use of a convex mirror in working areas with an increased risk of accidents, can save lots of money and allow effective damage control for both merchandise and equipment. There have been cases when a simple convex mirror has actually saved the life of an employee by enabling him or her to spot and avoid a hazardous situation. Furthermore, there is a convex mirror in almost any shop corner in our modern hypermarkets, and this definitely inhibits thieves from making their moves on desert aisles.

A convex mirror finds wide applications in industry as well; for instance the operators of lift trucks and other large vehicles sometimes have real problems in preventing collisions. When such mirrors are installed on the premises, the safety of the operations and the quality of the industrial procedures are definitely increased. The use of a convex mirror also helps to the monitoring of automated processes like quality control and packaging. Installation instructions are available with the producer, particularly when the convex mirror is not made of glass; metal, particularly steel is often used for the creation of curved mirrors but there are different application schemes for such cases than for the regular glass ones.

One of the best sold models is the PC convex mirror variant; such items can be purchased directly from the store or ordered on the Internet from the manufacturer. A PC convex mirror is usually made of polycarbonate, a material that is both resistant and solid, but it also has an optic fiber reinforcement at the back. Anyone interested in purchasing such an item should check for the fixing part of the convex mirror. What is the design of the mirror brackets and can they be swiveled at the back?

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