Daily Mirror

Shortly referred to as The Mirror, The Daily Mirror is one of the oldest British tabloids that also enjoys massive political support from the Labor Party. Founded in the early 1900s, The Daily Mirror was intended as a newspaper that would reflect the aspirations of women, while being run exclusively by women. This definitely marked a change in the attempts to help women find a better place in society, asserting their right to getting involved in other activities than those related to the household. The Daily Mirror was therefore mainly targeting women as the main audience, and the very specificity of the newspaper relied on aspects of femininity.

The first purpose of The Daily Mirror was that of spicing up lives by being entertaining, while avoiding the frivolous; we are talking about a newspaper that was ready to tackle with social issues seriously but not dully. Nevertheless, the beginnings of The Daily Mirror were not as spectacular and successful as one may have expected since it addressed a rather ignored segment of the society, when this was changed, the circulation of the paper definitely improved. Soon, the popularity of the The Daily Mirror grew to such an extent that it was rated as the second most important morning newspaper of its times. By the early 1930s, it was selling around a million copies every day.

During World War II, The Daily Mirror represented the voice of the common people, expressing critical attitudes towards political decisions and the incompetence of the political parties. It was during this time that it started to massively support the Labor Party, and the relationship continued to these days. In the 60s, The Daily Mirror was one of the best sold British daily newspapers, and it continued its extension by acquiring other magazines like the Daily Herald for instance. Unfortunately after the mid 70s, the newspaper registered a decline and it hasn't manage to regain its former prestige to this day.

Despite some very intense efforts to bring back the golden age of The Daily Mirror, the newspaper remains trapped in the tabloid dimension. And everybody knows that it is only with extreme difficulty and lots of efforts that a newspaper can change a tabloid reputation for a broad sheet one. During the elections of the American president George W. Bush, The Daily Mirror published a very scandalous material with the analysis of the IQ average of the American states where the president won the elections. This triggered a wave of negative response, and added one more blot on the ruined prestige of the tabloid.

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