Mirror Tiles

Have you entered a luxurious hotel or a great fancy club and remained impressed by the mirror tiles on the ceiling or the walls? Well, such items are a long-enduring craze that marked the interior decorations of public entertainment places for many years now. Mirror tiles can be arranged by the designer of a club according to the owner's specifications or they can be purchased as such in the cloth backed variant. The hobbyist and the crafter can both be extremely satisfied with the flexibility of use specific to mirror tiles. Very often manufacturers sell them by the sheet as they perfectly camouflage certain unaesthetic areas inside the house, the hotel or the public place.

How can mirror tiles sheets be used? Nothing simpler than that. Even on purchase you may have them cut so as to fit the dimensions of the place you want to decorate; the cloth and the small size of the mirror tiles as such enable their use for the most daring of applications. Hence, mirror tiles can be used around pillars or fitted on various protuberant surfaces that reflect the light in the most effective of ways. And now we come to dealing with the actual visual effect that makes mirror tiles so popular.

First of all, if you enter a hotel hallway and are welcomed by some special decoration item coated with mirror tiles, the first impact will be that of glamor. Hotel hallways are always lighted regardless of the time of the day, hence the brightness effect is clearly enhanced by the use of these decoration items with the light reflected by hundreds of shiny pieces. Furthermore, the same colorful bright effect is achieved by the use of mirror tiles in bars and clubs where alternative lights and flashes make the rules. All the color symphony is intensified when reflected in the mirror tiles on the ceiling.

For home use, many people choose mirror tiles as a decoration means for bathrooms and kitchens and even bedrooms in the case of more eccentric tastes. When located behind a shelf or an alcove, mirror tiles definitely contribute to creating the sensation of extended dimensions and roominess. Sometimes, mirror tiles come in mosaic designs making true picture frames and backgrounds for other neo-modern artwork. In such cases, you should be careful about the way you match the mirror tiles with the rest of the decor since the attempt can be tricky and the effect rather disastrous if good taste is absent from the equation.

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