Oval Mirrors

By the way mirrors influence light dispersion and brightness, they occupy a special place in the traditions of many cultures. Far from being mere decorative or functional items, mirrors also enjoy other connotations such as that of focusing energies in the decor. Round, octagonal, square or oval mirrors, they all have some special secret function inscribed in superstitions.

The case of oval mirrors is probably the most striking since they are widely used in the traditional Chinese decoration art known as Feng Shui. According to the Feng Shui principles the energetic flow in the house determines the arrangement of the objects, and oval mirrors are the ones that attract the right type of energy in a certain place.

Thus, oval mirrors are very often placed right at the entrance so that every time you come home or leave your place you'll face your reflection one way or the other. It is important to place the oval mirrors in such a way so that the head is necessarily visible; this will ensure a light reflection that is neither too low nor too high for the user.

Round and oval mirrors are considered superior to the square and rectangular ones that have corners for the same reason of light balancing. According to the ancient beliefs, corners are inferior to the rounded shapes since they represent breaks or interruptions in the normal energetic flow. Light focusing is thus better achieved with a perfect shape, and oval mirrors work best for the occasion.

What are the best places for the installation of oval mirrors? We have already mentioned that the entrance is the first ideal corner of the house where this type of items fit. Then, oval mirrors of various sizes can be placed in the bathroom or in the bedroom. For the bathroom, oval mirrors work great in combination with vanity lights, for the maximum functional effects required for shaving, make up application and so on.

Last but not least, we should mention the fact that oval mirrors are usually the best make-up mirrors one can get. This means that they are carried in the purse or placed in that part of your home where the lady of the house carries on her favorite make up routine. Thus the bedroom often becomes the perfect spot for using oval mirrors, with the mention that size is not an issue and it definitely depends on the choice of the user.

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