Pocket Mirror

Though the very expression of “pocket mirror” makes one think of the little trifle people carry around in their pocket or purse to use in various situations, the terms have achieved a new denotation level with the appearance of a software launched by Microsoft that enables users to keep personal information in a small and easy to operate Palm OS. The pocket mirror software helps one create a synchronization for all the information required by special applications: thus you may take any basic notes, Outlook contacts or calendar specificity with you anywhere you go. Top organization and maximum efficiency, these are the terms the pocket mirror software can be described in.

Why call an advanced software “pocket mirror”? Well, it all actually started with the design of the Palm OS and of the mobile phone the size of which was so small so as to comfortably fit in the pocket. The similarity between a pocket mirror and such an electronic device is definitely justified at the size level; hence in an age when space is often a luxury, people started inventing stuff that would be highly professional while taking so little room. Mobility and flexibility in the use and sharing of data represents the true principle at the basis of the pocket mirror software.

When used in association with Windows Mobile, the pocket mirror synchronizes the data transfer between the PC categories and the Outlook folders on the handheld or the smarphone. This little intelligent program has made it possible to have access at all the useful data on one's desktop regardless of the surroundings; even the organization structure on the mobile device remains similar to that of the PC at the office or at home. Thus the pocket mirror software will transfer the same type of folder-like categories to the palm or the phone.

The main advantage that the pocket mirror brings is the file independence from the server; the process is very similar to filtering and the results are amazing. You can actually have access to personal information or data without any restraint, not to mention that it is already categorized which makes search a lot easier when it be the case. Last but not least, we should mention that the pocket mirror doesn't come exactly cheap, but its functions truly make it worth the money. The software can be purchased online or downloaded on the Internet after you pay with your credit card; in both cases make sure to receive the certification or the license number.

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