Unique Mirrors

We often think that house arrangement and artistic details are everything when it comes to personalizing a space and making it breathe the air of authenticity. However, such effects would not be possible without the use of certain items that are not to be found in other houses, for instance: this is the case of the custom-made unique mirrors. By the very term of unique mirror we imply a decorative item that has all the specificity necessary to stand out in the room background by design and accent effect. There is no rule saying that unique mirrors need to be that and that: the shape, the frame, the size and the style, they all contribute to the overall specificity.

There are however some tips to be followed when it comes to choosing the right places for hanging unique mirrors. Of course that anyone who'd have such an item around the house is eager to place it in the most visible place possible. And this could actually work very well as a matter of fact: let's say you enter the living room and the eye is caught by a great artwork reflected in the mirror facing the entrance. For such a case, unique mirrors complement the other artistic elements in the background rendering them more visible.

Three things are attention-drawing when it comes to unique mirrors: the rarity of the design combined with the style refinement, the reflecting shiny surface and the location of the mirror as such. All these contribute to the surprise effect that unique mirrors often trigger in people who see them for the first time: there is curiosity, admiration and the temptation of getting a glance at how one looks. Hence, what could be more pleasant than to actually have a house corner reflected and thus recreated in a shiny surface on the wall.

Certain rooms in the house are simply incompatible with the use of unique mirrors: the kitchen, the children's room and even the hallway and the bathroom. Nevertheless for the last two, there are times when some special mirrors create a dramatic effect that either enhances functionality, like in the bathroom for instance, or improves space qualities, if we are talking about hallways. It is basically common sense that unique mirrors, which are definitely more expensive than other regular ones, should not be placed above the kitchen table or the bathtub, as there may be a discrepancy between mirror style and room functionality.

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