Vanity Mirrors

The most common house corner where one is likely to find vanity mirrors is the bathroom, where they make an excellent combination with specific types of lighting. Vanity mirrors usually require the use of several kinds of lamps located both above and sideways, and this is very much related to the need to fit the task lighting requirement. What do we need vanity mirrors for? From shaving and using make up, to skin care and face washing in the morning; it is almost a routine that we create for ourselves, and we follow it at least twice every day. Thus, we'll watch ourselves in the bathroom vanity mirrors from the very first moments when we get out of bed.

The installation of very good task lighting above the mirror is a must, since vanity mirrors are often used for various actions that require precision, and here we do not refer just to applying make up and shaving, but to nail polishing and even wound dressing that are often carried on in the bathroom. Another way of complementing lights with vanity mirrors is by placing lamps on each side of the mirror so that there is an equal light dispersion that prevents the formation of shadows for instance, not to mention that the brightness of the lights used with vanity mirrors is another important issue to be considered.

Experts claim that vanity mirrors go best with halogen lamps since the user has a greater chance of controlling brightness. Incandescent bulbs could also work for the matter but they are more exposed to the moisture that is specific to the bathroom area as a general rule. If you hire a special interior decoration team, they will surely suggest the use of dimmers in combination with vanity mirrors for the highest aesthetic and practical effects you'd want for your house.

Another way of making sure that vanity mirrors can be used at their maximum potential is to choose some lighting devices that closely imitate the natural light spectrum. If the light is too yellowish, the image rendered by the vanity mirrors will be slightly artificial, and since you want to use make up the right way, for example, it is good to be sure that you are not tricked into choosing too strident or vivid colors. Moreover, one other word of advice concerning the use of vanity mirrors is to avoid their association with recessed lights since this type of lamps create too many shadows to be practical in the bathroom.

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