Holistic Pet Food

Holistic pet food offers natural and tasty food for your pets. The high grade ingredients used will help improve health levels of your pets. They contain quality meat meals, oil and grains. Most of the Holistic pet food includes variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. They avoid any allergic ingredients.

Holistic pet food uses unique formula to provide protein rich diet to pets. They acquire the ingredients from human grade suppliers. Chicken meal is produced from Chicken passed by USDA. Each and every ingredient used in Holistic pet food is carefully selected by experts to provide overall health improvement to your pets.

Holistic provide 7 dry food formula for dogs. Holistic chicken meal with rice is perfect for adult dogs. It includes easily digestible ingredients which will not cause diarrhea. It includes vitamins and minerals to provide a well balanced diet to the dogs. Holistic Duck meal and oat meal is very delicious and it is more suitable for dogs which have high allergic reactions. A single meal is enough for providing adequate nutrition to the dog for the entire day. It includes anti oxidants and vitamin a, c and e. Beta carotene is also included in the product to enhance the immunity system of dogs.

Holistic sardine and salmon meal is preserved with natural ingredients only. This is a perfect meal for less active dogs. This will help managing weight control. Holistic lamb meal and rice is enhancing with red lamb, whole brown rice and oat meal. It contains taurine an essential amino acids for healthy eyes and heart.

Holistic canned foods are also available for dogs. This includes duck and oatmeal, duck and chicken meal, puppy chicken, beef formula with oat bran, chicken with oat bran and so on. Holistic dog biscuits are also available which contains wheat alternative ingredient. These biscuits contain essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It also contains Omega 3 and 6 which will help providing healthy skin and thick coat. These biscuits are easily digestible and they contain high nutritional value. Chicken biscuits and Menhaden biscuits are also available in Holistic pet food range for your beloved pooch.

Holistic pet food for cats is also available in a wide variety. The canned food for cats will help improving the overall health of your frisky feline. You can use them as a mixer or can use as a complete diet. All these food products are safe and they contain standard ingredients. Duck and chicken formula, turkey and barley formula, Ocean fish and tuna formula etc are not only delicious but also increase the immunity of cats.

Holistic dry food formula that is available for cats is 100% safe for both kittens and adult cats. They are enriched with vitamins and minerals. They include omega 3 and fish meal oils. This will help to improve the shining in the skin and the thickness of the coat in cats. The natural ingredients like carrots, peas, alfalfa, blueberries and apples are included in the dry food formula. Cranberries are also included to help prevent urinary tract infections in cats.

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