Homemade Pet Food

A lot of pet stores keep a wide range of pet foods. But to avoid preservatives and chemicals in your pets diet you can try giving them homemade pet food. The chemical composition and expiration dates of readymade pet foods can be quite a hassle.

For making homemade pet food you can make use of meat, green vegetables, milk, grains, starch and fruits. Also the pet food that you prepare at home has to be stored at proper environmental condition in a clean, air tight container. Before making homemade pet food, it is essential to discuss with a veterinary doctor about the ingredients of the homemade food and its processing techniques. By consulting a doctor, we get an idea about the type, age, growing conditions of your pet along with requisite diet and preparation techniques that can be used to prepare homemade pet food.

Normally, in the homemade nutritious pet diet includes 40 percent of meat, 30 percent vegetables combined with 30 percent starch with. Also do not feed your pet dog with raw meat which can have various types of germs, bacteria and impurities. It is very helpful for healthy growth of your pet, if your homemade food is incorporated with organ meats like kidney, liver and heart.

It is a suggestion of veterinary experts that commercial dog food is insanitary for pets and should not be consumed at any cost. Homemade pet foods consists of food material like blend of rice, carrot and ground turkey. You can make the homemade meals for your pet dog that has brown rice, ground beef, yeast and carrots. It is very significant for your pet to alternate the homemade food; this will take out the monotony of meal routines. By using the natural flea repellant like cooked garlic flavor to the homemade food, the dog will surely be benefited. Before using garlic, always consult a veterinary doctor because sometimes-spoiled garlic seems to be toxic for dogs.

As far as the starch necessity of the pet dog is concerned, the homemade food should be incorporated with oatmeal, rice, pasta and potatoes. By including the grinding of the eggshell in the meal, you can endow your dog with several kinds of nutrients. Always remember that preserving the homemade pet food in refrigerator for more than three days causes harm to the pet.

There are some tips and warnings that are recommended by veterinary physicians relating to the homemade food. Firstly, add some commercial pet food into the homemade food because it assists your pet to get familiar with taste of homemade food. Always ignore feeding chocolates to your pet. The homemade pet food do not contain large amount of garlic because it is poisonous to the pet animals. Also do not feed onions to the cats and do not add the salt in the homemade pet food because natural salt which is present in the pet food is sufficient for all the pet animals. Know that it is wise to check with your vet before switching to homemade dog food.

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