Innova Pet Food

Innova is a reputed company that manufactures a wide range of pet food. The innova pet food is manufactured using all the fresh natural ingredients obtained from the farm like the chicken along with turkey, which is rich in protein, dairy products like milk to provide calcium and whole wheat, vegetables along with fruits that are high on vitamins and minerals. Therefore, innova pet food provides the required nutrition to your pet.

Innova manufactures its pet food, following the principles as recommended by the U.S.Department of Agricultural Food. As suggests, the innova pet food contains all the five necessary elements of a food pyramid like the dairy, vegetables, meat, fruit and grains and also contains the essential oils and fats that contributes to great health of a cat or dog. Therefore, innova pet food is considered as the first holistic food that is healthy for all the pets. The innova pet food is specifically manufactured, keeping in mind the requirements of cats and dogs. Different Innova products are innova holistic dog food, cat food, puppy food and dog treat. Supreme in nutrition, the innova pet food is sure to be loved and enjoyed by your pet.

There are various products of the innova pet food manufactured for the dogs. The different types of innova pet food are dry dog food, canned dog food, reduced fat, which are categorized depending on the age of the dog like for adult dogs, senior dogs, large breeds and the puppies.

The adult dog food, which is dry, is very convenient type of dog food that will provide your canine with complete and balanced nutrition. The ingredients used in this food are all human grade. The canned adult dog food is of high quality and available in different satisfying flavors. The adult dog food with reduced fat is low on fats with 40% less fat than the regular dog food, thus keeping your canine healthy.

The innova pet food for the puppies contains all the ingredients and the micronutrients needed for the healthy growth of a puppy. This food contains chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, potatoes and other healthy nutrients. The pet food for the large breeds includes natural ingredients, chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine, which helps in maintaining an ideal body weight along with the necessary nutrition. In addition to dog food, innova also provides great treats for your canines with large and small health bars, which consist of all the necessary five food groups.

Similar to the dog food, the innova pet food for the cats consists of canned food, dry food and fat reduced food for the kittens, cats and senior or older cats. All the different types of the innova pet food for the cat and kitten consists of the natural ingredients and the essential fatty acids required for keeping the cats fur coat very smooth and silky. The cat food consists of a perfect blend of all the necessary nutritional food like the chicken, turkey, lactose free milk etc. The food for senior cat contains higher levels of protein and fiber along with chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine, important for keeping the joints healthy. The cat food with reduced fat is lower in calories but high in taste that helps in maintaining the activeness and the weight of your cat.

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