Merrick Pet Food

Food plays a major role in keeping your pet healthy and ensures their proper growth. There are different brands of pet food available in the market. One of the popular pet food brands is the Merrick pet food. The Merrick pet food was founded in mid 1980’s and is a family owned business. The Merrick pet food is ranked as the second highest best selling pet food company across the U.S. The Merrick pet food is made using simple processing steps, which helps in retaining the natural benefits, avoiding any kind of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, thus offering simple, nutritious and healthy food products for your pet. The Merrick food product truly delivers the comfort for the soul of your pet with their healthy meal and treats. All the different types of the Merrick pet food features canned wet food, dry kibble diets, high-quality treats and long lasting chews.

Merrick pet food provides canned and dry food for the dogs, while canned food for the cats. The Merrick pet food, which is canned, is no less than a five star treat for your pet. Every Merrick pet food is high on nutrition with farm fresh ingredients, vegetable and fruits. The Merrick pet food is manufactured using all the human grade ingredients along with fresh vegetables and fruits, with rich protein content. The specialty of the Merrick dog food is their use of apples in their dog food. The dog food contains a perfect blend of Fuji, granny smith, golden delicious and different varieties of the red apple, which is sure to provide your canine with the perfect taste and optimum nutrition. Some of the canned food for the dogs also consists of sweet potatoes, beef, carrots, green beans, granny smith and apples.

The canned food for the cats and kittens is sure to provide them with the required nutrients to maintain their activeness and healthy growth. If your cat likes seafood, then Merrick pet food has the right option for your cat. Apart from the farm fresh ingredients like the chicken, the Merrick pet food for the cats also serves specialized seafood products, especially for the cats. This canned seafood includes fresh stock of white fish, lobster, crab, shrimp and sardines, which are all blended perfectly together. To enhance the taste and the health, this seafood special cat food also includes fresh potatoes, carrots, fresh snow beans and delicious red apples.

The dry dog food is easy to store and serve. The dry food contains a home cooked feel, which is sure to be loved and enjoyed by your canine pals. The dog food contains of turkey, duck, chicken mixed with farm fresh vegetables. The Grammy’s potpie dry food for the dogs contains peanut butter cookies, cold pint of milk, which is sure to become your dog’s favorite food.

Merrick pet food also features treats for the canines, which are useful for keeping the different parts of the canines healthy like for the dentals, ears, bones, tendons etc. The other includes chews, hooves, sausages, rawhides etc. The treat consists of steak wafers, liver snaps and jerky squares, which is the most popular among the canines.

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