Wellness Pet Food

Wellness pet food is a natural food for pets available from the top brand Old Mother Hubbard Company. They produce cat food, dog food, cat and dog treats etc. Wellness pet food is sold through independent pet stores and pet food retailers. These products include natural ingredients and they do not include meat by products. They never add any preservative or food colors to pet food. Artificial flavors are also avoided. Hence the food will really improve the health status of your pets.

The main ingredients in wellness pet food include potatoes, tomato, canola oil, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, barley and apples. They also include oat meal, whole chicken and turkey. In other words, this pet food contains all the essential ingredients required for your pets.

Wellness pet food is the world’s finest brand food for pets. Wellness for dogs involves thoughtful approach to provide adequate nutrition to your dogs. Dogs in fact are the lovely companions of human. By feeding them with natural and super premium food, they will show good health and long life. Wellness provides real foods like deboned meats, steroids, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help to provide adequate protein, minerals, vitamins etc in a delicious way.

Each and every ingredient used in wellness pet food is carefully selected by the experts to provide a wholesome food to your dogs. These foods are easily digestible and they help to improve the health and happiness of your dogs. Omega 3 and 6, and essential fatty acids are included in this pet food which offers healthy skin and coat.

There is no meat by products or any other allergic ingredients in this pet food. There are no dairy products or soy in this food. They never use artificial colors or dyes. They never use any inferior quality ingredients or any nutrition less ingredients.

Wellness pet food for cats is delicious and rich in high nutrition. Similar to dog food, this also includes wholesome grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, hormones and steroids to provide nutritious food to your lovely pet. They also include effective anti oxidants to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Wellness cat food formula avoids meat by products and any allergens like corn, soy and wheat. It includes only nutritional and healthy ingredients and it avoids artificial flavors and colors. The ingredients in wellness pet food for cats include easily digestible grains for energy and low magnesium ingredients for avoiding urinary tract infections. Fruits and vegetables are included to provide abundant anti oxidants. The product does not include sugar. This pet food is hence ideal for health and longevity of your cats.

Wellness pet food contains 100% natural and healthy ingredients which will increase the energy of your pets. They never cause allergy. They will improve the shininess in skin and coat. They also provide canned foods for pets. Wellness dry cat food and do food are also available. There is separate food for small puppies. This new formula pet food will help your puppy to grow fast. Since this pet food does not contain any animal fats or artificial ingredients, your pets will show greater immunity which will in turn increase their longevity.

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