Potbelly Sandwich Work

In the year 1977, the potbelly sandwich work began as a small antique store run by a young couple. The couple decided to bolster their business by making the sandwiches for their customers. As the years passed, more stands were with ovens for making perfectly grilled sandwiches. There were other additions as well like napkin dispensers, vista-coolers along with hand dipped ice cream and live music for the guests to enjoy.

It was started as a small antique shop, and now it has become a full-fledged sandwich joint that many of them enjoy. The shop began in the city of Chicago. Along with sandwiches, cookies too were baked, with local musicians performing and entertaining the others. Thus, its fame spread over more than 180 stores in multiple states and today is growing rapidly across the U.S. The potbelly sandwich works are also a part of college campuses, downtown city blocks, and the burbs.

The potbelly sandwich work involves the working and the job scenarios for those who are interested to make their carrier in this field. As with its ever-growing popularity, there are many opportunities for people to join and have environment to work. Higher-ups who want their teams to succeed provide performance evaluations and feedback. The potbelly stores provide a great and fun loving atmosphere along with comfortable and sheer hard work environment. The jobs here are well managed with no late nights, over crowded bars, and a five-day workweek.

The people who are interested in taking up potbelly jobs need not have any background in this field. The Potbelly training program develops in the person all the leadership and skills that last for lifetime. The management team of Potbelly store offers great salaries to their employees and many more benefits. The benefits include Life and health, Dental and vision insurance for the employee and his family. Short-term and long-term disability and paid vacation is also one of its benefits. Along with all this, they provide the employees with discount packages, tax-free commuting, and free potbelly meals.

The best-striking feature of the workers at the potbelly sandwich works are that they are committed to give the best service to their customers. They offer ongoing learning and development opportunities along with coaching and mentoring in a positive environment. The food served is also made out of high quality ingredients. They prepare their own sliced meats and cheese, fresh produce to top their sandwiches, and serve locally made chips. The ice creams and the beverages served are also interesting.

The potbelly sandwich works pay much attention to the ambience of the shop too. They have warm lighting, natural wood, marble, antique fixtures and signage, as well as live music for the entertainment purposes of their customers. Thus, Potbelly sandwich works is one of the fastest growing restaurant companies in the United States. Now it operates in eight states. Potbelly today operates stores throughout Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia. Where as the Chicago based Potbelly works is the originator, which is privately held with world’s respected business leaders as the board members.

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