Porcupine Tree

A combination of rock, metal and psychedelia: this is the type of music one should expect from the British band: Porcupine Tree. Though they started in the late 80s, they are still part of the rock stage due to the combination of various music styles that they experiment with in their albums. The category in which the Porcupine Tree band is usually included is that of progressive rock, but influences from other trends are not strangers to their music either. Founded by Steven Wilson, the band took its inspiration from titans of the genre like Pink Floyd. The production of the first albums went pretty smoothly since Steven Wilson had both the money and the studio equipment necessary.

What may have started as a mere game, became a real music preoccupation, and with their first release The Seaweed Farm, the Porcupine Tree started to make a name in the underground music world in the United Kingdom. Fans started to know them and more albums came one after the other; however the best success the band had, came with the issuing of On the Sunday of Life that was first meant to be promoted as a limited edition. The album got sold immediately after release and persistent demands for more forced the Porcupine Tree to reproduce it in the CD version, of which they had sold no less than 20,000 copies by the year 2000.

The fame of the Porcupine Tree soon became international and they started to sing in live concerts first in Europe and then in other parts of the world. In terms of musical style they continued to experiment and combine various existing trends internalizing a whole range of influences from dreamy melodies and ambient music to the dark moods of rock. With the release of the album Stupid Dream, the Porcupine Tree band entered a new evolution phase, and the record with its mega hit singles “Piano Lessons”, “Pure Narcotic” and “Stranger by the Minute” opened the door to even more fame and money.

Presently, the band is continuing on the ascending path, being part of major music festivals and events organized for the fans of rock music. 2007 has been marked by the release of two new albums and lots of music events. These are all widely discussed on the site of the Porcupine Tree band. This is the place where you can also find the latest official news about their musical performances and the next artistic releases they have in plan. Have a look around on the web pages and get to learn more!

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