Christian Yoga

Starting from the fact that God is one and the same in the whole universe: the Architect, the Maker, the Universal Source of all things, Christian yoga brings a new approach to an ancient practice. Christian yoga is about becoming healthy both physically and spiritually by ensuring peace of mind and quieting the restless part in each of us. According to the philosophy of this approach, the yogi is able to let behind the world's frequency and get tuned to the divine vibration of the universe.

Christian yoga began in US Alabama, and so far it has reached thousands of people not only throughout the country but worldwide. The great appeal of this hybrid yoga type comes from the fact that yoga is no longer seen just as the path that leads to personal spiritual fulfillment as it covers the only way one can ensure long-lasting peace and serenity: the communion with our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, one major element that makes Christian yoga so appealing to the westerner is compatibility. There is a huge difference of practice and education between the eastern and the western world, and the Hindu yoga variant is not always suitable for the spiritual pattern of the western mind. For anyone who'd be inclined to see contradictions between yoga and Christianity, all we need to say is that they are unfounded and superficial in argumentation.

Hindus are out for personal fulfillment, wisdom, knowledge and inner strength, but these goals do not contradict Christian principles, on the contrary, they complete them. Any positive thing that generates good results is definitely compatible with the love and kindness Jesus Christ brought to the world. A combination not of religious issues but of attitudes and spiritual patterns is the main achievement of Christian yoga.

We should nevertheless mention the fact that there are many voices that speak against Christian yoga: Christians should go to church and be with other Christians! The main claim here is that one may have the tendency of putting too much distance between Christian teachings and personal thinking, with the emphasis and preference for the subjective attitude. Thus, critics of Christian yoga claim that the practitioner may forget the “ways” and get interested only in the inner world.

Taking up Christian yoga classes is definitely a matter of personal choice; after all, how many people have changed their religion after starting to practice yoga? Christian yoga is more of a personal approach that does not have a clear-cut set of principles, the important thing is that you work to combine the two.

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