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Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux symptoms are mostly the same as general heartburn. Sufferers will experience a burning, stinging or similar sensation in their breastbone area. So what are the symptoms that set acid reflux apart from regular heartburn?

While acid reflux can also be caused by structural abnormalities, so it is set apart from infrequent heartburn symptoms that nearly everyone experiences at some point in his or her life, many of the same paths of treatment can be used to alleviate or stop acid reflux symptoms altogether.

One of the first areas to consider are the foods that you eat. While you may find it time consuming to keep a food diary, the information that you discover could play a big part in controlling your acid reflux.

First, simply write down everything that you eat and the time at which it is eaten. When you have a bout of heartburn, refer to your food journal and see which foods you had eaten right before the symptoms showed up.

You may be able to stop your heartburn suffering simply from avoiding the foods that tend to trigger your acid reflux symptoms. I would try to rule out food culprits before turning to acid reflux drugs.

Though many acid reflux and heartburn drugs are touted to alleviate some core, underlying issues to stop heartburn symptoms, they are primarily about the same thing that most pharmaceutical drugs are about: treating symptoms.

Over time, heartburn drugs are probably not going to do much for your overall health not to mention any damage that your stomach or esophagus may have suffered. When we turn to supplying the body with only clean foods and water it can be surprising just how able it is to heal itself from so many different diseases.

Also, eating foods known to trigger your acid reflux may be better tolerated when eaten earlier in the day. Bedtime seems to be prone to the most occurrences of heartburn. Vitamins and other nutritional supplements are known to trigger acid reflux in many people, so it?s a good idea to take these in the morning time.

Your best bet is to start keeping a food journal. Besides learning to avoid ones that add to heartburn discomfort, over time you?ll notice even finer degrees of which foods make you feel good and give you lasting energy.