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Acid Reflux Treatment: Less Is More

Before you set up a doctor?s appointment and start taking the latest fad acid reflux treatment drug, take some time to consider another approach to regaining optimal health. Not only have the latest heartburn drugs not been tested thoroughly or for a long enough period of time to be deemed completely safe, but there are simpler ways to heal the body.

 The first principle I?d like to discuss is that of trust. The body is fully capable of healing itself if given half a chance. When we fill it up with chemicals, dyes and sugar we?re only making it more difficult for it to do its job.

When we trust our bodies to do what is in their nature to do for us, we can let go and focus our energies on other things. The human body is a masterpiece that has been fine tuned for survival over millions and millions of years. All we have to do to keep it in tip tp shape is provide it with a few basic things.

Our bodies needs sleep as well as clean air, water and food. In times of personal health crises, this is no different, with the exception that taking in less food during times of illness can redirect energy to the body?s maintenance work. Digestion uses a lot of energy after all.

If you?re having consistent or frequent bouts of heartburn or acid reflux symptoms, it?s very possible that you have structural abnormalities that encourage the painful or uncomfortable symptoms. However, whether it?s structural, hereditary or due to personal eating habits, there are steps we can take to isolate and alleviate the problem.

Start by cutting the main known triggers of acid reflux from your diet. Chocolate, tomatoes, high-fat, spicy and dairy foods, as well as calcium supplements and Vitamin C are known stimulants of acid reflux.

As you begin to cut these foods out, you may notice lessening of your symptoms. Keep that up until you?re able to isolate the main causes. You may be able to eat these foods earlier in the day and not suffer from the same acid reflux symptoms.

If you don?t have success, try cutting out more processed elements from your diet. Sometimes the body responds to toxin overload with odd symptoms, like heartburn or other random effects. You may find that upping your water intake and cutting out diet sodas does the trick for you. It?s all about experimentation. Good luck.