Boat Bookcase

A boat bookcase is a good way to give your home a nautical appearance. It is a great talking point in the homes of old sailors and landlubbers. A boat bookcase can also be made at home by using the right kind of equipment and material.

These bookcases are perfect for a lake house or as a gift to loved ones who are into sailing or fishing. It is a great place to store mementos, books, photos, vases and so much more. It gives your living room a look that is completely different from the one that is found in every other home. It adds a little bit of the seafaring spirit to your home. Its uniqueness is unparalleled and is definitely a great piece of furniture.

Like mentioned earlier, you can also make a boat bookcase on your own. You need to define the size of your boat bookcase and have a sketch of it handy. The thickness of plywood you will need is 18mm. Draw a rectangle on it and then measure and draw a line directly down the center. Then you are ready to shape out your boat. This will form the back of the bookcase. To draw the boat's curved surface first divide the length of the boat bookcase into five equal intervals. Draw a line to give the position for the bottom of the shelves. Remember that there is a shelf forming the base of the bookcase. Mark the varying shelf lengths.

After all this is done, all you need to do is join the dots. Mark the centers of each of the shelves according to their varying lengths. At the ends of each of the shelf hammer panel pins, there are two more panel pins that need to be hammered into place and they can be set at the tip of the boat. This will give you the desired shape of your boat bookcase.

Once all the twelve pins are in place then you need a flexible piece of wood about 4mm thick. Hold it along the pins to make a curve. Hold in place and trace a line to give the shape of the boat. Cut along this line with a jigsaw and there you have the back of the bookcase. Cut out the five shelves so they fit along the newly cut plywood. Plane the edges to match the curve of the boat bookcase's side and then drill and screw each shelf into position onto the back of the bookcase.

As the sides of the boat bookcase are curved, we need to make a bow section to reinforce the tip of the boat so it will hold the curved pieces of the plywood permanently in position. Use the back of the boat bookcase as a template and cut a bow section to fit above the top shelf. Draw a line 40mm in from each edge of the triangular shape and cut out the boomerang-like shape.

You will need a “stem”, that is a solid piece of 3*2 timber, which is screwed into the back of the boat bookcase and the frontage of the section that is shaped like a bow in order to hold in strongly in place in the top shelf’s front part. Before attaching the stem into position, plane the top edges of the stem so the plywood strips can be wrapped up forming a visual curve. Good sand job can smooth the rough edges before you give your bookcase a coat of varnish.