Bookcase Bed

Bookcase beds are a new trend that is emerging in the furniture industry. As the name suggests, the bed has a headboard with shelves specially designed for storing books. There are a variety of bookcase beds available now and that too in different designs and patterns. There are many styles that are encompassed in this section of household furniture to say nothing of the ornate headboards and bookcases that adorn many a master bedrooms.

There are also different types of beds that have varied types of bookcases according to the material and quality of the bookcase. There are canopy beds, metal beds, platform beds, brass beds, wooden beds and steel beds as well. You can have any color that you choose for the bookcase beds. You can give your bed the wooden shades like maple, oak, pine, veneer and much more.

These bookcases have certain styles that include antique, contemporary, country, english, mission, retro and rustic. You can also get beds in these styles to suit your desires and tastes. This goes on to suggest that bookcase beds are a combination of the styles of beds and bookcases rolled into one. This makes the bookcase beds unique but also allows them to fit into different types of furniture schemes of your house.

There are many online shops that enable you to choose your bookcase bed from the huge variety that is available. Bookcase beds are increasingly popular with teenagers as well. The bookcase is a great place to store the odd knickknacks, the alarm clock, a radio and a multitude of books and showpieces. The occasional soft toys that could be your favorite can also have a little corner in these bookcase beds.

The size of the bookcase beds depends upon the individual design on each. Some children's bookcase beds have a towering 6 feet high bookcase with ample shelves to store the room's occupants and some are a mere foot high with only about three shelves to accommodate a small number of books and the alarm clock. It alls depends on how much storage space you want. The added bookcase bed can make you room look small so you can always opt for the smaller sizee bookcase bed.

The advantage of bookcase bed is that you don't have to worry about extra storage space for all your stuff. This helps you to reduce the number of chests of drawers in your room and make it more spacious. With the our houses getting smaller and smaller, some interior designers have come up with an innovative idea to make use of different types of bookcase beds.

But to make use of the literal meaning of bookcase bed is to use it according to its design and structure. It looks like an ordinary bookcase, it is only a little better equipped. But you can remove the jigsaw pieces of this bookcase to make a comfortable bed. The jigsaw puzzle pieces come together to form a part of the wall and it also gives your walls an extra bit of color. When it is bedtime, all you need to do is take down the bookcase and to make room for bed.

There are many innovative ideas coming in the field of furniture and hence you will get an increased variety to choose from. Make the most of this information and the other information that you may get on the Internet. Talk to your friends and choose the bookcase bed that you would like the most.