Build Bookcase

To build bookcases that are elaborate, skilled craftsmen is essentially needed as it can prove to be a complicated project. Some bookcases can be designed with standard lumbar using common tools. You will definitely not require any skilled artisans for doing this. This will also reduce the overall cost of your bookcase.

Few things required to build a bookcase are;

* 2 pieces of lumber cut into thirty two inch sections.

* 1 piece of lumber cut in half.

* L brackets required.

* Pieces of thin hardboard.

* Sand paper, paint and stain.

* Screws and brads.

* Screwdriver and hammer.

Step 1: Cut the piece of lumber according to dimensions 2 inch * 10 inch * 12 inch into two pieces. These will form the sides of your bookcase.

Step 2: Cut the piece of lumber into two with dimensions 1 inch * 10 inch * 8 inch. Each piece will be of 32 inch and will form the top, bottom and shelves o f the bookcase.

Step 3: Sand the edges of all the boards. The boards are to be painted and should get the look of plywood or hardwood.

Step 4: The spacing of the shelves have to be determined and accordingly markings have to be made on the sides of the bookcase.

Step 5: The L brackets have to be attached to the side of the bookcase aligning them to the height of each shelf.

Step 6: The top shelf has to be fastened to the L brackets on both sides of the bookcase and then work on the lower part of the bookcase.

Step 7: Paint the L brackets so as to blend with the bookcase decor.

Step 8: Cut the hardboard to fit the back of the bookcase and attach it to the others shelves and the sides of bookcase.

While you build a bookcase, some tips and warnings should be taken into consideration. They are:

* The walls and shelves should be made from sturdy materials so that the bookcase can hold heavy materials. It is important to use L brackets that support the weight. L brackets are available in various sizes. Therefore, it is better to use an appropriate size to reduce unnecessary inconvenience.

* There are others ways available to attach bookshelves. For example, columns of evenly spaced holes can be drilled in the sides and shelf sleeve is to be inserted and support the brackets on which the shelves will rest. This will provide you with an adjustable bookcase.

* You can also attach the sleeves using screws through outside the bookcase. This will make them virtually invisible.

* Pilaster strips can be attached to both the sides of bookcase.

* Decorative molding can be added at the top or at the front facing of the bookshelf, which will add to your creation.

* If the following steps are followed, it will be easy to build bookcase without much efforts and the tips that have been mentioned will help you modify your bookcase the way you want, you can also paint your bookcase with the color of your choice for making it more attractive.