Built In Bookcases

Built-in bookcases can be constructed to effectively accommodate the space and according to your specifications. They are similar to our custom bookcases, but are created to fit side by side in the area you select. The immovability of built-in book cases adds to the house's décor and substance in such a way that freestanding bookcases can't.

Built-in bookcases are extremely flexible that they can just fit anywhere.

They add to the beauty as well as lasting value to the house. Some familiar places for the built-in bookcases are:

*        Flanking a fireplace or lining a wall.

*        A bookcase can create a niche surrounding a window or a door.

*        A bookcase can be placed under a stair way.


You can build a wall of bookshelves from floor to the ceiling that turns your dining room into a cozy reading room. You can place open shelves in a descending manner followed by the cabinets below. A built-in bookcase exudes magnificence and also serves the right purpose of the storage in a contemporary manner.

Materials required for the built-in bookcases are:


*        Bead board.

*        Crown molding.

*        ¾ inch plywood.

*        Shelf pins.

*        Table or panel saw.

*        Wood screws.

*        Hinges.

*        Drill.

*        Glue.

*        Tape measurer.

*        Small hammer

*        Finished nails.


Three types of components are required to construct the bookcases. They are:

* Bookcases.

* Bases to support the bookcases.

* And a door surround.

Analyze the size of your bookcase. Leave about 2-3 inches of space from the ceiling for the crown. Additional space of about 30 inches will be required. Include 3 inch tall toe bases to support the case. The back of the built-in bookcases should be made of the bead board. Polish every surface that is visible, then build the boxes. There is a requirement of one fixed shelf between top and bottom of the box. Glue the edge bands onto the face of the bookcases. Attach bead board backs. Paint your bookcases and crown molding. Adjustable shelves are edged with wide bands of hardwood to prevent sagging.

Most bookcases and display shelves are placed in a room where they fit. Built-in bookcases take the advantage of enormous amount of wall space that generally goes unused. Books placed in the bookcases never seem to be crowded or squeezed in.


Other advantage of built-in bookcases is that it is easy to build and install. The shelves that are made adjustable rest on the shelf pins snap into the metal standards. To keep the size of the built-in bookcases manageable, the bookcases are constructed in some sections. These sections are tied together. The finishing touches include a touch of trim, coat of paint and bit of crown molding. This completes the picture. Simple styling reduces the complexity and cost of the plan.

Built-in bookcases help maintain your private library, adding the beauty of a unused wall to your home.