Corner Bookcase

Corner bookcases can be placed at odd corners available in the room to provide us with an attractive place to display and store books and other valuables. Corner bookcases are most versatile as they can be situated almost anywhere. They are one of the best bookcase options available for offices as well as homes. Another major aspect about these bookcases is that they help you organize your home, office with lot of style that complements any decor or ambiance.

There are tremendous variations available in bookcases. Each bookcase differs from other bookcase with respect to height, width and depth. Heights range from 24 inches up to 96 inches. Width starts at 18 inches and run up to 60 inches and depths vary from 12 inches to 24 inches. Many experts are available who can help you while it comes to designing bookcases according to your preferences and your budget as well.

Some corner bookcases have sturdy shelves crafted from solid wood that can take hold of even the heaviest items from your collections. They are also durably constructed. This straightforward design will add surreal look to your personal library, to your living room or your bedroom. The bookshelves can be stacked up with histories and novels, intermixed with some picture frames or it can be stylized using contemporary figurines.

Other corner bookcases features durable UV finish. One piece matching veneer black panel adds a custom look. High-density particleboard construction with cam-lock fasteners, adjustable deep shelves are some of the features of the corner bookcases.

There are bookcases also available with glass doors. This style is called as the Asian-style and will definitely give your home a bolder look. You can display other accessories as well as photos in these bookcases.

There are some bookcases available for the kids as well. Corner storage can be created for bedtime story books or keepsakes with this bookcase and hutch, detailed with farmhouse-style bead boarding in a white finish. The shelves can either be fixed or adjustable providing storage for toys and books. Bottom shelf can be used to stack up CDs and DVDs.

Corner bookcases also include freestanding bookcases. It is styled to maximize the space available. It can be used alone or along with other corner and rectangular bookcases. Of course, some assembly will definitely be needed.

Corner bookcases also come in 5-tier corner bookcase. It is an attractive storage unit for any corner of your house or your office. Some of its features are:

* Five shelves for maximum storage.

* Made up of multi-density fibers, veneer and wood.

* Each shelf has quarter-circle shape.

* Very conveniently fits into the corners.

* Shelves are spaced 12-inches apart.

* Shelves are available in various radii.

Some care also has to be taken to maintain these bookcases. They should be dusted regularly using soft, clean, dry lint-free cloth. Blots spread immediately and should be wiped with damp, clean piece of cloth. Using abrasives, chemical cleansers or furniture polish is not recommended on the lacquered finish of these bookcases.