How To Build A Bookcase

If you are interested at building furniture or carpentry, you can build a bookcase at your home. If you have any queries regarding how to build a bookcase, you can discuss it with a skilled artisan before starting the construction of a bookcase. If you are really interested in designing a bookcase, you can create an exclusive piece of a bookshelf or home library case at your home. If you browse the Internet, you will get in depth information about how to build a bookcase and with its help you will be able to collect materials that are required to design a bookcase at home.

To make designing a bookcase easy, you can select a simple design using affordable ready made units of a bookshelf. Select a corner in your home and start building a bookcase around it. However, it is advisable to build a bookshelf around a window. According to many expert interior designers the ideal window is about 30-40 inches of the floor. If your old window is not built in a proper way, you can repair it before building a bookcase around it. It is suggestible to imagine the style of a bookcase on your own, as it will help you build it easily. You can also observe various curio cabinets and bookcases before starting to build a bookcase.

When you think about how to build a bookcase, you should also think at the same time what are the required materials for creating your own bookcase. Building a bookcase is really a difficult project, as it requires craftsman skills. Some major things that are required to build a bookcase are:

* 3 pieces of lumber

* L brackets

* piece of plywood or thin hardwood

* screws and brads

* stain, paint and sandpaper

* hammer and screwdriver

You will also require a router or saw and drill with drill bits. The drill is required to make holes in the plywood to fix screws in it. Lumbar is the most important part of a bookcase, as the two pieces of the lumber form the sides of the cabinet. Then cut another two pieces of the lumbar into three parts each in order to make the bottom, shelves and the top of the bookcase. After that, sand the borders of all the boards with a sandpaper and then paint all the edges as well as pieces of plywood or hardwood.

Once you have cut all the plywood pieces and painted them, consider the optimum spacing of your bookcase shelves according to the size of your books. Then draw the spacing on the sides of your bookcase. After that, join L brackets to the sides of the bookcase according to the required shelf heights. You can put the brackets 3 from the back and 3 from the front of the bookcase sides. Then paint the L brackets, so they will match to the bookcase color. Another piece of the hardboard can be used to make the back of the bookcase by joining it with the brads. In this way, by following the tips of skilled artisans you can build a bookcase at your home.