Mission Style Bookcase

“Mission style bookcase” is a term used for bookcases that refer to the mission revival style architecture, which is the signature to architectural style of the Spanish mission located throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico. It is a style that makes use of simple materials at hand to make creative and beautiful pieces of furniture, one of which is a mission style bookcase.

This furniture is made mostly from oak and is marked by the simplicity and durability of the design; the design is usually rectangular. The bookshelf design is so simple that it can be built in one day if you have all the necessary materials. The details of the bookcase have a rather Arts and Crafts style that has slatted ends and pyramid topped posts and slats

This bookcase can not only store your books but also display your valued photographs, pottery and antiques or figurines. The design of the mission style bookcases is sturdy yet attractive. It offers great charm along with functionality and durability. The number of shelves and compartments differ with the size and shape of a mission style bookcase. You can add glass doors to the bookcase or keep it unenclosed. The main characteristic of a mission style bookcases is that they will never go out of style.

The hardwood construction of the mission style bookcase and its satin-smooth hand finish completes a wood bookcase with a distinctive style. The natural proclivity of the bookshelves brings out its clean lines and graceful proportions. These bookshelves will match any decor and the wood will serve you for a number of years.

Mission style furniture is an item from the past and has a distinctive features. The upper and lower shelves feature through tenons and tenon key construction. The mission style bookcases accommodate the needs of everybody. You can take a size that is appropriate for you so that it can support your growing book collection.

Mission style bookcases and furniture is the most pragmatic way of embellishing your house. This type of furniture requires comparatively less space to the boisterous designs that are available nowadays. Their added feature is that they offer maximum storage. No matter how small the bookshelf is, it can accommodate a large number of books. It suits the changing needs of today's youngsters and is good for children as they grow up. It has a distinctive adaptability that makes it last through generations.

It is meant for durability and does not require a lot of maintenance. The bookcases are usually open but can be equipped with glass doors if it is your demand. They can be used not only at home, but also in offices, libraries and many other places. These bookcases can be used not only for books but also for displaying and storing statues, porcelain or dinnerware china.

The mission style furniture is unique and encompasses all the types of furniture like lampshades, cabinets, tables, chairs, chandeliers, vases and a host of other things. This furniture can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices. Mission style furniture is made purely of wood and looks absolutely stunning.