Oak Bookcase

Apart from the fact that bookcases are used to store reading material in an organized way , bookcases also display the items kept in them properly as well as show how well read you are. They also act as an important design element in the house. The oak bookcase plays a major role in acting as a decorative yet functional piece of furniture.

Oak bookcases are till considered to be stylish status symbols due to dear high quality and endearing charm . To this day, oak bookcases offer great durability, style, and beauty. These book cases are used in many styles that are popular today, including Mission, Traditional, Colonial, Shabby Chic, and Contemporary.

It's best to buy a bookcase with adjustable shelves as then you can adjust the space conveniently according to your needs. You can buy bookcases that have open shelves as well. Again, we stress the benefit of adjustable shelves. This will allow you to store any size book or other item you chose to display. Most bookcases are 12" deep. A way to store larger items, such as albums, pictures, larger books, and knickknacks, is to look for bookcases that are up to 18" deep. You can also buy bookcases that are shallow-about 8" deep so that they can be used for paperbacks exclusively or for CD's.

Some bookcases have open shelves on top and doors on the bottom, which is very handy for storing games, art supplies, whatever you might need but want to keep out of sight below and display books on top.

You can buy bookcases with glass doors that help protect your books and other valuable articles from getting spoilt due to dust particles and dirty hands. Lawyer bookcases have glass doors that open up and slide in. they are classic and gorgeous, they do not come with adjustable shelves.

If you have large wall to fill with bookcases, its best to make sure they have flush sides so that they can be lined up next to each other to avoid wastage of space.

A good way to figure out how large a bookcase you need is to collect all your books and start measuring their linear footage and then estimate the approximate dimensions of your bookcase. Take into account how you are going to adjust the shelves for the various sizes of your books. If you have lots of small paperbacks then you have more running feet of space for them if you double up the shelves.

Now with the advent of flat TVs, you can use your bookcases to surround your TV , somewhat like an entertainment centre would. You could even rest the TV on the bookcase, but you would probably still need to bolt it to the wall for security.

Bookcases like oak bookcases are now used not only to store your articles, but they can also be used to define the space and decorate your room. Matching pieces can be used to add class to the room like tables, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, beds, desks, etc. This piece of functional furniture can be used as a decorative accessory for your home as well.