Revolving Bookcase

Revolving bookcases were quite popular in late 1800's to early 1900's and now again they are gaining popularity world wide. These bookcases are made in Eugene, Oregon. These bookcases are made by a company who has been making wood shelving systems and shipping internationally. Revolving bookcases can hold ample number of books. They are a good medium of storage for all sizes of books. The ancient method of fixed shelves and slots are molded into solid wood side panels and adjustable shelves.

There are various sizes and types when it comes to magazines and books. These books and magazines accommodate a lot of space in fixed book shelves. The adjustable shelves makes it convenient to hold everything from oversize reference books to paperbacks, memorabilia and curios, office supplies to laptops, computers, even CDs, and DVDs can be put upon these shelves. Revolving bookcases are the ideal solution for housing a small library. These bookcases easily adapt to different tastes and uses. Revolving bookcases are also known as carousel bookcases. These bookcases are available in different styles and materials making them useful for storing large number of things. These bookcases stand on small castors supporting the base that has revolving top section. The main revolving section has shelves to place in many books.

Types of revolving bookcases include:

* Solid mahogany 3-tier revolving bookcase.

* Exquisite hand-carved 2-tier mahogany revolving bookcase.

* 5-tier library revolving bookcase.

High quality wood such as mahogany and oak were traditionally used for constructing revolving bookcases. These types of bookcases make your favorite books accessible anywhere and anytime especially when they are built for that purpose. Traditional bookcases include at least two shelves on each side. As time passes by, you always have to adapt yourself to the changing tradition. Revolving bookcases can also be used as an end table. Some of the modern day versions of the revolving bookcases can be stacked up safely and easily. As the bookcases can revolve, it is possible to turn only one section of two shelves at a time, rather than to move the entire structure. Wood is still the preferred medium for the construction of bookcases. Some other mediums include hard plastic and metal. These bookcases are also available in number of colors and designs ranging from traditional to eclectic. Revolving bookcases hardly take up any space providing space for putting up photos and pictures as well as any of your

artwork. These bookcases will definitely add beauty to your living space.

Revolving bookcases offer you significant amount of space for storage. Taking the advantage of the height of the bookcases, you can have usable shelf space up to 25 feet. Eight regular bookshelves can be carved out of 36 inches. Available space of about five inches is provided between your bookcases and your walls. If kids are making a way, these shelves can be very useful for them to put in their books on the lower shelf for easy access and your books on the upper shelves. Avoid placing breakables and ornaments on the upper shelves and also away from your child's reach. Many kids spin the shelves rather than searching for a book, just because it is fun to do so!