White Bookcase

Bookcases are simple open shelf storage that can keep anything we want within our reach. White bookcases are great for housing art objects, pottery, display cases and even a collection of antique radios. Good bookcases are storage spaces and should be designed according to your needs and requirements. Bookcases are the most pragmatic way of arranging your precious books as well as files and documents.

History of bookcases:

Originally, bookcases were not even required when the books were rare. During that time, only the affluent could afford books. These books were kept in small containers. These were the original custom bookcases. Then was the era of cupboards and today's bookshelves were descendants of those cupboards. Eventually, cupboards became old-fashioned and there came in the bookcases. Earlier bookcases were usually made of oak, cherry, pine, maple. Bookcases were either stained with appropriate colors, or had to be frequently painted to make them white bookcases.

Creating bookcases can be complicated as it requires skilled craftsmen but its assembly is a quick process that can be easily achieved with the help of glue and nails. Once you are done with the assembly, you have an option painting your bookcase of just giving it a natural clear finish. For the construction of bookcases, equipment required are the hammer, combination square, tape measure, portable circular saw, metal rule and clamps. Other supplies include sandpaper, nails, glue, varnish etc. If you follow an elaborate plan, you will be able to produce a bookcase with the desired dimensions and shape. Height and width of a bookcase can vary according to your needs. The walls and shelves of the bookcase need to be made from very strong material so that it can hold heavy and bulky books or other articles. You can attach shelves to the other sides of the bookcase according to your convenience. This will give you an extremely adjustable bookcase. Shelves can also be attached using screws, which will make them appear virtually invisible. Adding decorative moldings to the top or in the front will definitely add to the beauty of your bookcase.

White bookcases add elegance and warmth to any room as they help showcase row by row of well-maintained books and figurines. White bookcases, being simple and stylish are just perfect for books and toys of the kids. White bookcases can blend in well with any decor. You will mostly see such types of bookcases in expensive hotel suites. Painting a bookshelf matte white or constructing a white bookcase can result from spray painting, hand painting. Some features of white bookcases include

* Pencil trim drawer fronts.

* Curved fronts.

* Plywood construction with top coat finish.

* Center Mounted Roller Guides with built-in drawer stops.

Bookcases can fit whatever space you have and almost any number of books you want to organize. The purpose of bookcases is not only limited to storing books but it can also be used to display treasured photos heirlooms and collectibles. There is a varied range in bookcases such as

* Open Bookcases.

* Glass Door Bookcases.

* Wood Door Bookcases.

* Ladder Bookcases.

* Barrister Bookcases.

The most popular bookcases today include built-in bookcases, barrister bookcases and modern Bookcases. Use the unused space in an appropriate manner by embellishing the room with sufficient storage.