Wood Bookcase

Classic wood like hardwood, birch, pine are just perfect for crafting shelving like a wood bookcase. There is a wide range available when it comes to selecting a wood bookcase for your home, office, libraries, hotel suits as well as for play centers.

You can also select a bookcase in wood antique finishes that offers a polished and chic look. These bookcases give a really classic vintage, refined or modern appeal to any room.

Wood bookcases, unfinished or not, add elegance and warmth to your room as they display row upon row of treasured objects and well loved books. A wood bookcase is quiet elegant and also adds to the functionality of any unused space.

The tall shelves present in the bookcases feature a black lacquer finish and a look reminiscent of olden period. An asymmetrical combination of open shelves and closed compartments is also unique.

An outstanding wood bookcase adds of classic flair to any room. These bookcases are magnificent decorative accent for your bathroom, bedroom, home, office, dining room. The wood bookcase is also available in rubbed black or rubbed cream textures. A bookcase is also ideal for study rooms, dens and kitchens as it generally comes in combination of shelves and extra drawers.

You can also build your own bookcase. You can start with constructing base and a top and then add up to six shelves or drawers that will suit your combination. The crown molding slides on and off, so that you can place units side by side and fill your wall with extra storage.

Bookcases offer lot of vertical storage and some of them are crafted out of wood veneers. Some of them offer the look of a custom built-in at a fraction of the cost. Heavy crown molding adds to the rich antique feel. Wood bookcases are also known for their durability and stability. These cases often come in various colors.

Some features of wood bookcases are solid hardwood construction, compatible with audio/video cabinets, modular design, available with glass or wood shelves, adjustable shelves.

These bookcases boast of beautiful moldings and roomy shelves that can be personalized to your liking. They are versatile and portable and provide vital storage for your growing collection of books. Also, they do not take up large space. They can be accommodated in any corner of room and will definitely enhance the beauty of your room.

You can also choose a solid bookcase in either lighter or a darker natural wood stain to suit your interior color balance. They are also finished with a durable hard coat that protects it from bumps and dings of every day use.

These bookcases are ideal for daily use in home as well as office. These are beautiful yet comfortable pieces of furniture that will subtly make use of empty space wherever employed.

A solid wood bookcase can be constructed of any width, height and depth that will blend according to your desires and specifications. A combination of fine furniture veneers and solid wood fronts can also be constructed will give additional strength and also will prove to be cost effective.