Airbrush Paints

The airbrush is a popular choice for painting hobby projects and furniture or walls. This equipment is also useful to paint nails, t-shirts, plastic models and other items. If you go to a paint house, you will find a wide collection of attractive airbrush paints. A good compressor is the best air source for you. A single action airbrush is used to paint the simplest designs, as it is easier to handle and affordable as well. However, a double action airbrush will provide you much more control over the paint process.

According to many experts, when one starts to learn airbrushing it is nice to use a paint made especially for airbrushing. Learning to airbrush with an airbrush ready paint can make the learning process much more pleasurable and simpler. Most airbrush paints fall into two categories, Opaque or Transparent. Many beginners will find using the transparent colors easier, as normally they are thinner than the opaque colors. However, for learning purposes it does not matter which one you use.

The transparent colors allow the light to pass through so the bodies are seen easily. These colors mix much easier to create a new color combination. For example, yellow over red will give you an orange color.

Some major airbrush paints are:

* water colors

* acrylics

* gouache

* sign paints

* oil paints

The water colors are considered the best airbrush paints. They are water based colors and best suited for using in an airbrush. These colors are available in tubes or pre reduced form airbrush ready. In most cases, the water colors are best reduced with distilled water. The most important feature of these colors is that they are very transparent type paints.

The acrylics are available in both the forms of color transparent and opaque. Normally, these colors are thinned with water; however, many manufacturers also provide a reducer to make them thin. You can use the reducer also. The acrylics are washed up with water or a cleaning agent is also used if the manufacturer with the color provides it. It is advisable to read the instructions of the manufacturer before you use the colors. The instructions will be helpful for best using and long lasting. One type of acrylic paint is textile paints made for use on textile products like jackets, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Gouache is one of the basic airbrush paints. This is also a water-based color, but white pigment is added in it to make more opaque. Due to the white pigment added everyone will find it a little harder to utilize in an airbrush than water colors. These colors also can be reduced with distilled water to make watercolors.

Oil paints are solvent-based paints and they can be thinned and washed up with mineral spirits or turpentine. Oil colors may be either transparent or opaque according to how much one makes them thin. One of the basic features of these colors is that they dry up very slowly.

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