Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers are primarily used by professional paint contractors or “do it yourself” rental customers for surface preparations and coatings application. They are great tools and will help apply a lot of paint quickly and make the tedious job of painting faster and easier. There are some features and qualities that you have to be aware of in order to have a successful paint job.

Safety, masking and preparation, proper operation, proper spray technique, care and cleanup are the basics that you have to remember. There are some safety precautions that need to be taken so that you are not in harm's way when you do this job. Airless paint sprayers function at high temperatures and can easily injure you if you spray it on your skin or any part of your body. They may actually inject paint into your tissues and into the bloodstream.

It is highly possible to inject paint through your skin into the bloodstream and not have an obvious cut or bleeding. The skin can open up, allow the passage of paint through it, and then close off. This is important information if you intend to do a paint job using airless paint sprayers. A person using this equipment may not be aware that the paint has been injected in the body. The paint in your bloodstream will eventually make its way to your brain and heart and can prove to be fatal.

So, here are some rules on how to mask and prepare yourself for the paint job. You need to cover all the things that are not supposed to be painted (including yourself). If you are painting indoors then you need to cover floors, walls, light fixtures, doorknobs, light switches and anything else that can get paint on itself. The airless paint sprayer will spray, mist, fog and float to settle everywhere.

If you are painting outside then you must remember that the paint you spray will float and carry with the wind. It can hence cover all the landscaping and cover your neighbors’ houses and fences. The important safety cover that you must wear to prevent yourself from getting spray painted include light synthetic overalls, spray hood, safety glasses and respirator.

The airless paint sprayer also have some operation rules. It can spray many different types of paints but not coatings that have textures and grit in them. They can also spray oil and water based paints. The airless paint sprayers are not for detailed work like cabinets or cars. They apply too much paint too quickly to be useful for any other applications other than interior or exterior surfaces like buildings, fences etc.

The general features and controls of all the airless sprayers is the same. There may be some added features to some airless paint sprayers. The basic terminology is also the same. The basic idea of an airless paint sprayer is to pump the paint and force it out of a very small tip on the spray gun. Never spray without your hand in motion. Hold the spray gun pointed to the surface and keep moving in a horizontal motion. You can find more tips and precautions related to airless paint sprayers on the Internet.

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