Airless Paint Sprayers

As the name suggests, airless paint sprayers don't use any air but instead a pump to force the paint out of a small tip of the spray gun. There is no air and no air compressor used here. These airless paint sprayers apply a lot of paint quickly and can make a tedious job very easy quickly and easily.

The airless paint sprayers can be used for DIY projects provided that you have the proper information about the preparations and application. Most professional paint contractors and rental customers nowadays use airless paint sprayers to their benefit.

You should be properly informed about the safety measures, preparations, spray technique, care and cleanup of airless paint sprayers. They operate at high temperatures and can easily injure you if you spray it into your skin. It is most harmful because your skin allows the paint to pass without visible incarcerations and the paint is mostly likely to enter your bloodstream. You won’t feel anything until the paint gets to your heart or some other organ and by then you will have dropped down and would be dead. This is the most harmful part of the whole operation. You won't feel anything but will end up losing your life.

The airless paint sprayers send out, mist, fog and float once you start working with them. You must cover all the things in the room that you don't want to be coated with paint. If you are painting outdoors, then you will inadvertently paint your neighbors' houses or fences too. The most important safety cover that you must wear to protect yourself from being sprayed includes light synthetic overalls, spray hood, safety glasses and a respirator.

There are some things that you must remember while painting the surface. You will have to clean the surface that you have to paint and allow it to dry out. Keep the spray gun pointed to the surface that you are painting and move your hand in a horizontal motion. Do not under ant circumstances paint while your hand is not in motion. Start moving your hand and then pull the trigger to start painting. To maintain your airless paint sprayers in good condition, you must clean them out after every paint job.

Here are some more tips that will help you get along with your painting job effectively and correctly. Never mix oil-based paint with water or latex paint and never mix paint thinner with the latex paint. You should consider the airless paint sprayers like guns; away from children and untrained people. The tips of the airless paint sprayers are small and hence even a small particle of dust can clog the spray. To avoid this from happening, strain the paint regularly with a synthetic paint strainer (don't even think about using a cheesecloth).

Even when the sprayer is off and unplugged there can be pressure trapped inside the machine until it is released. Make sure that each time you turn off the machine release the pressure in the system by opening the prime valve or by pulling the trigger and spraying in an empty bucket. The airless paint sprayers can help you spray a wide variety of paint products albeit the ones with textures and grit.

Enjoy your spray painting job by taking these precautions. Make you walls, furniture and other accessories look like new by giving them a fresh coat of paint.

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