Appliance Paint

Appliance paint is the most preferred option if you want to make a great kitchen for a small amount of money. Kitchen updating can be accomplished under $100 and is the most affordable of all the room décor. Appliance paint can be bought at any paint store in your neighborhood and can be applied to everything from microwaves to refrigerators. This paint is heat resistant and offers a durable finish.

The best way to apply this paint is to use a spray can. It is easier and more effective if you use the spray can so that your appliances do not have brush strokes. Plus you get a clean, smooth and professional look to the coat of paint. Before you paint any appliances with this paint, you have to unplug them and clean them thoroughly.

There are some tips as to the storage and usage of the appliance paint. You can store it at room temperature. You need to shake the can vigorously until you hear the agitator ball move before you use the can. You should shake it for three minutes. Apply light coats of paint and hold the can about a foot away from the surface before painting it. Apply three to four coats for maximum coverage and protection. Wait for about fifteen minutes before you apply the second coat. Let the appliances dry for twenty-four hours.

Reading the instructions on the back of the can is extremely important so that you know in advance about the way that you use it. You may think that appliance paint is like the regular spray paint. Not true. There are some special instructions that need to be followed in order to get a good painting job done. Some of the paints require you to smooth off the rust spots on the appliance if any. This may take some time but it is worth all the efforts you put in.

The basic step that you must remember before you start painting is to clean the appliance properly. The appliance paint has some specific cleaning methods that need to be followed. In most cases, soapy water will be enough. After washing the entire surface, you need to dry it up completely. The rust spots need to be either smoothed out or applied with the rust-prevention products. This is usually specified in the instructions.

Good ventilation is extremely important while you are using appliance paint. If it is not possible ti paint outside then you should open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate in the room. Along with brush-on paint and spray paint, appliance paint also comes in two other types, which are heat-resistant paint and regular appliance paint. When the entire appliance is to painted then you must choose for the spray paint so that you don't have roller or brush marks. For small scratches and dents, it is best to use a brush.

Appliance paint is a good way to paint any of your appliances ranging from microwaves, stoves, refrigerators and more. For refrigerators, you can use regular appliance paint but when you need the appliance paint for microwaves or ovens then you need to get the heat-resistant appliance paint. If you think that this task is a little to dangerous for the DIY projects then you can opt for professional help which will cost a little more but save you from the costs of the new products that you will have to buy if your paint job fails.

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