Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint is used to create a black, non-reflective, smooth surface that is easy to clean and wipe. This paint can be used on metal, interior walls, or even wood to create a writing surface that is perfect for a playroom atmosphere or even to write down your shopping list.

The benefits of blackboard paint are:

* It gives a matt black finish to metal and wood.

* It is suitable for primed wood and metal, inside and out

* Hardwearing and non-reflective

* Easy to clean by wiping

* Ideal for scoreboards, blackboards and menu-boards

To use blackboard paint to create a blackboard we need to first clean, dry and rid the surfaces from grease, and other contaminants. For Bare wood, wipe it clean and sand it smooth. To cover any knots, fill it using a suitable wood primer and international knotting solution. For Bare metal, first ensure the surface is free from dirt before priming it with a suitable metal primer. For previously painted surfaces, first get rid off all the blistered and flaky bits of paint and then prime up the bare patches with a suitable international prime. Then sand it down and wipe it clean. For Bare MDF; first sand it smooth and then wipe it clean. Then prime it with an international quick dry MDF primer.

While applying the blackboard paint first stir the paint with a big stick until it is properly mixed from top to bottom. This ensures that you get an even coat. For best results use a natural bristle brush suitable for solvent-based paints and work well into the end grain and joints. After applying the first coat, let it dry for some time. Then sand it slightly and wipe it clean. After that, apply the second coat. It is advisable to apply two cats as it ensures the durability of the paint.

The drying time for blackboard paint is usually around 16 hrs. However, this also depends on the temperature of the surroundings. With a hint of school-day nostalgia along with a allusion of the nostalgic sidewalk café charm, traditional blackboards will probably never lose their appeal.

In a nicely decorated, contemporary dinning room, a door that is painted with blackboard paint is a great way to the menu. If you want to get your feet wet before diving into the blackboard look, paint a swath of black in a corner of the kitchen, frame it with crisp white molding and let the board take over from messy notes and lists, or use it for an extra-large calendar. You will find that everyone in the family, and even guests, will want to get in on the fun, filling the boards with notes or inspiring messages. However, the best part is, this look is surprisingly easy to achieve.

Some of the innovative ideas for the house using the blackboard paint are:

* Framed Blackboard Wall – 4 inches in height and 5 inches in width blackboard can be used for inspirational quotations and to write messages form visiting friends.

* Dining Table – in a dining room, a blackboard topped dining table paired with a graphic vintage poster and punchy modern chairs, give a sleek bistro charm with a dash of kitsch.

* Framed Place cards – These reusable place markers are made with inexpensive 4” x 6” unfinished wood picture frames.

* Alphabetized CD Chest – coat a small-unfinished wood CD storage chest with fire engine red paint and paint the fronts of the drawers with blackboard paint.

* Painted Door – paint the door to the dining room and use it as for listing out grocery lists and week-long menus.

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