Car Paint Colors

Some people are very selective when it comes to choosing colors for their cars. Color of the car is probably the first thing any body notices. Some car paint colors match with the personality of the car owner. For instance, fiery red symbolizes outgoing types whereas warn beige symbolizes introverts. In today's market car paint colors are gaining wide popularity as more importance is being given to them. The colors of car can be matte colors as well as glossy colors. Six exclusive car paint colors are Wheat Beige, Midnight Blue, Silver essence, Deep Black, Island Grey, Red Pepper. Automotive paints do not oxidize easily, also, these paints are mostly base coat or clear coat's which protect the color of the car from fading or oxidizing. Here is a serious look at the car paint color chart:

* Classic Black, White and Silver

These car paint colors have been in demand for more than a decade. According to a study, 50 percent of the cars manufactured in the United States, bear these colors. However, the trend of these classic colors is diminishing as doors are opening for new vibrant colors. Silver was most popular among the cars but now people are trying out different shades such as gunmetal grays.

* Orange Power

Generally Orange is a color more used in home decor and fashion, but shades of Orange from pumpkin to copper are trendy car paint colors for the moment. Orange has emerged as a huge trend. It denotes stylish, active and sporty lifestyle because it is a feel good color. For example, the new Mazda CX-7 SUV comes in a super sporty metallic red orange shade. The major emerging trends include oranges in terra cotta, yellow golds, bronze, copper, atomic orange, and chromatic sunburst. Orange car paint colors are becoming more and more popular each day.

* Blues and Greens

Blue is always considered classy like black, which always gives the car a sporty look. Blue has been one of the 'brand image' car paint colors for some of the cars. Blue can be tuned to suit the purpose and size of the car. Blue is defined to be a calming color. Many car paint colors have emerged from the shades of blue and green. Shades of blue and green include turquoise and purple. Green was more dominant in the 1980's but its popularity is declining. There are possibilities that green color can make a comeback if propagated well with environmentally friendly vehicles. Shades of green are varying from pale silver to very dark greens along with a hint of gold.

* Brown on the Inside

Dark cocoa brown is not an exterior color. It is more frequently used for the interiors of the car. Dark brown evokes a feeling of luxury and indicates a premium product. Research shows that brown has positive connotations for the consumers much like expensive mahogany furniture.

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