Chalkboard Paint

Whether fostering creativity in a child's room or making a practical family message board, using chalkboard paint is an easy and inexpensive way to get the job done!

Earlier on, chalkboards were just small framed squares of slate, a sedimentary compound formed out of clay, or volcanic ash, which is very fragile and can be cut into thin sheets.

Today, a modernized version is used. Now a days, it is a steel plated board with a coat of porcelain .

White boards that are also known as dry erase boards have replaced chalkboards. Still many people prefer the old-fashioned chalk boards to write on.

Chalkboard paint is a dark, easily cleaned paint that is water based that will adhere to many surfaces, that is it is a versatile substance that will help you create a chalkboard surface anywhere!

These paints are available at any hardware store or any paint shop.

The general instructions for using chalkboard paint are:

* If the surface is rough then first, sand the surface before putting on paint, as smooth surfaces are the best when it comes to applying the paint.

* First, clean the surface to clean out any grit or any loose material before applying paint.

* Use a paint tape to mark the borders of the area to be painted. Press down hard to give a crisper border.

* If the surface is porous then use a primer before applying paint.

* Apply the paint using a good quality brush or a sponge for smooth and even application.

* You may need more than one coat of the paint, with a gap of at least 24 hrs between each coating to give a better and long lasting effect.

Using chalkboard paints gives you a great deal of versatility for decoration of the house. Some ideas for decorating the house using chalkboard paints are given as follows:

1. Fancy Framed Chalkboards:

If there are any old unusable frames, then their glass can be painted upon and hung anywhere in the house. These unique boards can be used to display short messages or any jokes, thoughts for the day, etc.

You can also create a magnetic chalkboard by painting a metal sheet with chalkboard paint and placing it within the frame. You can even outline any of your frames by painting a section of the wall a little bigger than your frame. Then after it dries, you can place the frame on it so that a black border highlights your frame, which is suitably thick according to your requirements.

2. Cupboards and Pantry Doors:

It is difficult to find a piece of paper that is suitable to write down the list of things needed for the kitchen when you are in a hurry! At times like these, it is great to have a place to scribble down the list or a note for anybody to read later! This is possible by painting one of the cupboard or pantry doors with chalkboard paint.

Even small kids can play on it by scribbling something while they are under your constant watch.

3. Kid's Closet Doors:

For artistic kids, it is great to have a place to draw whatever comes to your mind at any instant. It helps them perfect the art of imagining and designing whatever they want to. At times like these, kids' closet doors can be painted with chalkboard paint to give them a surface ready at hand to draw on.

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