Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy floor paints are made of tough resins that are available in two sections. You have to mix these parts and then apply. Epoxy floor paints are used in special conditions like on the basement floor, which is damp, or the floor of the basement that is finished out or on a slab that is subjected to heavy vehicular traffic. They are the strongest type of epoxy floor paints which are generally used in the industries.

Epoxy floor paints can be divided into three types:

* Hundred percent solids.

* Solvent based.

* Water based.

The hundred percent solid types are considered pure epoxy that they do not contain solvents that evaporate. These products harden quickly making them expensive and difficult to handle.

Solvent based epoxies contain about 40-60 percent epoxies. They adhere and penetrate well. They are often available in wide range of colors. There are few drawbacks to using these solvent-based epoxies. These solvents are hazardous to health and are very powerful. Usage of respirator is necessary. The respirator should perfectly fit your face so that there are less chances of breathing fumes. In addition, there is a constant need to ventilate the garage and keep other people away from such odor. These epoxies are harder to find in local hardware stores. Only few stores may be carrying them otherwise, these will be available only with industrial supply-type stores.

Water based epoxies come in two parts that you have to mix before applying. They also contain 40-60 percent solids. Advantage of this type of epoxy paint is there are no hazardous fumes.

Epoxy floor coatings are not new. They are in the market for a long time now. They are used on industrial floors for years due to its resistance to oil, grease and most other paints that ruin the floor, its toughness, its durability. This is the reason many mechanic's shops and dealers use them.

Epoxy floor paints is a good idea for basement floors and garages to cover gray, dull concrete by giving them an attractive, easy to clean surfaces. Staining from automobiles is prevented maintaining strong concrete surface. It reduces the need for floor repairs down the road caused due to chemicals and salts that chew up the concrete.

Benefits of epoxy floor paints include that they are:

* Long lasting.

* Boast strong adhesion.

* Are waterproof.

* Are rustproof.

* Are nontoxic when dry.

* Are salt and acid resistance.

* Also are heat resistance.

* Reduce maintenance costs.

The biggest advantage of using epoxy floor paint is that it is affordable for typical homeowners and requires a do-it-yourself project.

Some tips before using epoxy floor paints follow:

* During application and drying, temperature should be above 55 degrees. Small electric heaters can be used to maintain the warmth in garage.

* Tape is to be put where garage door touches the floor.

* Roll out the marks lightly when dry.

* Use a non-slip additive if you don't want slippery floor.

* Keep people and pets away during the paint job.

* Wear appropriate gloves, rubber boots, and lung protection. Turn off the gas or any heater located in the garage. It might prove to be dangerous.

* Whether you are working with solvent- or water-based epoxy, it is recommended to apply two coats for durability and toughness.

Epoxy floor paints have proved to be useful and will also be useful in the future with greater advances.

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