Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is a sturdy, long lasting coating that is painted onto the concrete. The main idea behind using this color is to resist oil, grease and many other substances that may destroy ordinary paint. This paint can be cleaned easily and is available in wide range of colors. Mostly these colors are used for painting garage floors in order to keep them clean and spotless for years. Putting epoxy paint on a garage floor is the best way to protect it from wear and tear. It is considered the most common finish people nowadays use to paint their concrete flooring.

If you want to apply an epoxy color to your garage floor, a lot of work is involved in it. It will certainly take a week to complete the epoxy painting. If you are not familiar with this type of work, it is suggestible to hire a contractor for that. When you plan to apply the epoxy paint to your garage floor, it is better to keep the door of the garage open for a day before starting the work. It will create a good ventilation in the room. At the same time, the appropriate protective covering is also needed to protect yourself from the color. The protective covering includes rubber gloves, long sleeve pants and shirts, and protective eyewear as well.

A lot of preparation is needed before applying the epoxy paint on your garage floor. However, once the work is finished properly then it will look very attractive and everyone will be impressed after seeing it. This type of long lasting paint is applied to flooring due to its resistant features. You will require a lot of tools and supplies to apply the epoxy paint on your garage flooring. Some most common things you will require to do this job yourself are:

* concrete repair compound

* water resistant nylon rollers

* garden hose with spray nozzle

* epoxy paint

* cleaner with bleach

* hard bristled scrub brush

While applying the epoxy paint on your garage floor, you are suggested to read the instructions printed on the paint can. This work should be completed properly, so it is really important to follow directions provided by the manufacturer. One of the most important tasks of this work is getting the entire portion of the garage flooring prepared before applying the epoxy paint on it. This job is really important, because if the floor is prepared improperly, then the epoxy paint will not stick properly.

It is better if there is no moisture on your garage floor, to make sure the paint sticks and does not mix in with any moisture content. Before applying it, remove the oil spots from the floor in order to degrease it. You will have to clean it using a mild acid and then scrub it thoroughly. It will also take a lot of rinsing and this task can also take a whole day depending on the quantity of spills on the floor. The next day, you will fill in the cracks and then apply the first layer of epoxy. If everything goes well then the second layer can be applied on the next day.

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