How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets seem outdated and you want to renovate them, then simply paint them with attractive colors of wood paint (or paint for the materials of which your cabniets are made.). Painting your kitchen cabinet is very handy and affordable. Here are some tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets that can certainly help you paint your kitchen cabinet attractively.

1) The most important thing about undertaking this project is that your kitchen will look completely different after painting the kitchen cabinet. It is not necessary that you should be a professional to paint, as anybody can easily do it.

2) You can also browse the internet to find out tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets. A brush, roller and spray gun are te main required tools in order to paint any piece of furniture. However, it depends on you what would work better for your cabinet. Brushes may leave spots on larger areas. Spray guns are better, but they are expensive and can over spray if you are not perfect in using them. You will require an area to enclose the spray guns. That is why using a roller is the best option for you. This is the quickest way to paint anything and it is less expensive too. Most important thing is that it can cover areas in a single stroke.

3) If you read any online article or tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets, you will learn that removing all hardware including pulls, hinges and knobs from the cabinet is very essential. It is advisable to take off the doors of the cabinet, as it will make your job much easier. Before starting painting, do not forget to clean the cabinet, as it will help give a nice finish to the paint coat. Covering the counter tops with a piece of paper or cloth is a nice idea as it will prevent the counter tops from paint marks.

4) First of all paint the frames of your kitchen cabinet and then start on the drawers and doors. While painting doors, start it from inside. Paint the drawer fronts only when the door insides are completely dry. Follow a pattern of paint nicely until the entire cabinet is completed nicely. You may also need to use other coats depending on the type of paint you used. Once every article is dry, do not forget to look over them in the light to ensure the entire cabinet is completely painted. This will also help you find out if any part of the cabinet is missed.

Noe: It is not necessary that painted cabinets should end with a single color. You can try different finishes and color shades on your cabinet like splatter or crackle. Deciding to paint your kitchen cabinet can enhance the look of your kitchen and change overall mood of the family members. Preparing a meal with bright colored cabinets around will make you feel enthusiastic and happy.

Nowadays, a number of new and advanced products are available in the market that makes this task more simple and enjoyable. The de-shiners and primers can go over any surface to make it ready for paint. For the highest of painting, it is advisable to put your top color on as soon as the primer is dry. If you waste time after the primer is dry, a layer of dust will generate on the surface and it will be difficult to get a good finish. In this way, some of these tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets will certainly help you renovate your kitchen cabinets.

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