Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint is the new generation paint that many people are opting for these days. This paint can be applied to wood, masonry, drywall and plaster. The unique quality of this ferrous based paint is that it can attract magnets, so that you can easily stick postids, photo frames and other magnetic wall bound products on such surfaces.

Magnetic paint is great way to put up photos or hang notes. However, it is for indoor use only and cannot be used on walls or surfaces that are out in the open. It is an acrylic latex water-based primer. It is used instead of pushpins, tape and the refrigerator surface. This paint is a great option for school displays, art projects, photo walls, home workshops, play areas. Offices, planning boards, schoolrooms, word walls, bulletin boards and dorm rooms.

The magnetic paint additives are made from ferromagnetic particles. Iron powder is preferred if it is in the particle range specified. The additive can be blended with oil, latex or lacquer-based paint or coating to form a magnetic paint or coating having the viscosity substantially similar to the paint containing no particles and/or additive.

In certain mixtures, the magnetic paint additives are made up of ferromagnetic particles along with a surfactant mixture which is also known as surfactant or a surfactant/alcohol mixture that is combined with the particles in amounts sufficient enough to give rise to dispersion, which can then be conveniently used, by simply blending with a paint coating additive.

You will need eight pounds of additive to treat a full gallon of paint. You will need a mixing container in which you put the paint. Add the powdered additive to the paint and meanwhile stir the mixture. The additive is not difficult to mix in the paint and in a few seconds of mixing you will get your magnetic paint. The powder doesn't dissolve in the paint but merely mixes with the paint. You should keep stirring the mixture before you use it since the heavy magnetic particles can separate and settle down at the bottom of the container.

The application of magnetic paint is easy. It is first applied to your walls like any other paint. You should mix the paint thoroughly and then apply it with a foam roller for a smooth finish. Used as a primer pain the magnetic paint is first applied and when this mixture dries, you can cover the coating with any color paint of your choice.

Magnetic paint is child-safe and non-toxic so you donít need to worry about your kids touching such surfaces painted with this type of paint. Before you use the magnetic paint, be sure to ask your paint expert for tips and advice on the surface preparation so that the gray latex paint will stick well. While you are painting, be sure to shake the can well before you use. The iron particles will tend to separate out as you work. Apply at the least 2 coats of this paint to get effective results. The more coats you apply the better. For excellent results, apply three to four coats. Four coats will be necessary if you want to use the molded plastic magnetic letters (the kind with the small magnet at the back).

You can use this surface for a number of things. You can stick kitchen message boards to the surface for important reminders or notes. You can use practically any wall or surface as a magnetic board. You can post school notes, dry cleaner's receipts, bills, to-do lists and so much more on these surfaces. You can also paint tables with the magnetic paint and paint it over with the paint of your choice. You can make a checkerboard out of it as well.

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