Motorcycle Paint

Motorcycles can give you the thrill of a lifetime if you are an avid speed enthusiast. Motorcycle maintenance is quite easy, but has to be done on a timely basis. You can always manage to paint your motorcycle to rid its outer body from scratch marks and other types of wear. It is very important to decide what color you want for your motorcycle if you are fashion conscious.

There is such wide variety of colors available in the motorcycle paints. Colors can influence bike's durability. Pearl, candy and lacquer reds have short life spans. But if you to protect your bike from ultra-violet rays, rain and gasoline you can use motorcycle paints that have modern acrylic urethane content. These coatings are exorbitant but you can rely on their efficiency.

The brilliant hue, sparkle and feel of newly painted bike cannot be over emphasized. You can also try variations with two-tones and the likes. Take a note that usage of modern and right materials pays off. Also the number of coats applied is of great significance.

Motorcycle paints are available for the brands like Harley-Davidson, Fatboy, Dyna, Softail, Deuce, Roadkings and so on. Motorcycle paints also includes tribal flames, ghost flames, traditional or negative flames, hot red flames etc. A motorcycle deserves high quality striking finish. Motorcycle paints also includes colors that will give your bike a nostalgic look along with some modern graphics. Sketches can also be drawn on the bikes if you really want to be expressive.

You can also airbrush with your motorcycle paints. Some designs include lettering, gold leaf, candy paint, tribal or Celtic designs, skeletons, skulls and so on. You can also use touch up kits so that it eliminates annoying chips and scratches on your bike with a touch of brush.

Motorcycle painting involves some steps. The steps are as follows:

* Make sure you create the design that is right for you.

* Take a deep, fluid look at the paint job you have done.

* The necessary tools and supplies to start and finish your paint job.

* Always dissemble the parts before painting.

* Find appropriate ways to test the paint before you actually paint your motorcycle.

Some of the motorcycle paints fumes are not only toxic but also are highly flammable. Make sure that the fixtures are wired properly and encased with full lens covers.

Motorcycle paints are custom formulated to provide extremely tough, long lasting and rust resistant finish. Some paints have a satin finish high temperature coating that is developed specifically for engines. Most motorcycle paints are petrol and solvent resistant and help prevent corrosion even in severe weather conditions.

Some motorcycle spray paints are formulated to restore motorcycle engines to restore their original factory look. They are heat resistant and also help combat corrosion and rust, chipping, cracking and fading.

There are several color coats used: a finishing top clear coat, one or more colors or types of pinstriping, all depends on the model of the bike. Sometimes, pinstriping can be double or single. No one can tell the number of layers or dust coatings of that paint to get the appropriate depth of color, maybe darker than originally intended.

Some motorcycle paints are not clear coated. It becomes very difficult to select the paint for your motorcycle. But always choose the paint that will suit your bike.

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