Airbrush Paint

Airbrush paints are non-toxic and water soluble. Airbrush paints are used in applications like temporary tattoos, automotive, modeling and fabric as well. They are also used by the custom surfboard makers.

Different types of paints are used in an Airbrush. They are available in craft shops, stationeries as well as art stores. Some special paints are available at automotive paint suppliers. Some of the good Airbrush paints are Golden Airbrush colors. These colors are easy to use and the pigments present in these colors are finer than those present in craft paints. Textile and craft paints are easy to use once you are done with the basics. When you learn the basics, it will become much more easy for you to use airbrush ready paints.

These paints fall in two categories: Opaque and Transparent:

* Opaque : This color is also referred to as non-transmitting color or impenetrable to sight. In other words, if an opaque color is sprayed and on this layer a different color is sprayed, the two colors will not blend with each other. Opaque colors have more number of pigments making them likely to clog up your brush and dry at the tip.

* Transparent : This color allows light to pass through it so that objects or bodies can be distinctly seen. Transparent colors blend easily with other colors. Example: mixing red and yellow gives you orange, mixing green and red gives you brown.

Some of the airbrush paints include:

* Acrylics

* Gouache

* Water Colors

* Sign paints

* Oil paints

* Cratex Colors

Acrylics colors are available in both transparent and opaque colors. These colors can be thinned using water. They can also be cleaned up with water or a cleaning agent if the manufacturer provides one. Acrylic paints are also called as textile paints. They can be used on products like jackets, T-shirts.

Another name for this paint is Tempera. It is water based but when white pigment is added, makes it more opaque. This makes it difficult to use an airbrush. Gouache can be reduced with distilled water just like water colors.

These are water based colors which can easily make use of airbrush. It is available in tubes or in pre-reduced form. They are transparent type of paint and are best reduced with distilled water.

While using sign paints, one has to be very careful. These paints have to be used where there is a lot of available area and it is also important to wear a mask. It is a solvent based product.

This is a solvent based paint and can be reduced with mineral spirits, turpentine. Oil paints can be transparent or opaque depending on how much you reduce them. Time required to dry this color is more.

Airbrush paints also use cratex colors. Designing any surface requires items like fabric, paper and canvas, leather, ceramics and clay and wood. More tips are:

* Fabric includes denims, sweatshirts and natural fibers. Wash the fabric to get best results. Airbrush the design on the fabric. Let the colors dry or of it is taking too long to dry, heat gun can be used to accelerate the drying process. Headset the fabric.

* Apply the color on paper or canvas. If you are planning to use a high tack frisket then you will have to dilute the colors nearly 25% by means of water. Colors will turn permanent when they dry up.

* Clean the leather by rubbing the alcohol or mineral spirits. Lightly spray a mild base coat of Opaque for best results. Apply color, avoiding excessive paint layering and over saturation. Let the colors dry before heat setting. Iron for thirty seconds using protective cloth.

* Apply the color in thin and even coats. The temperature should not exceed 300 degrees during baking. Color becomes permanent after 24 hours.

Thus, airbrush painting is an enjoyable experience also for those who cannot even draw a straight line. Follow a few simple tips to get desired results whenever you use airbrush paint.

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