Addicted To Scrap Booking

We hear the term Scrap booking a lot these days. From kids to senior citizens, many people, it seems, are almost addicted to scrap booking as a fun activity. But is it really a new thing?

Actually it is not a new hobby. But now it is so popular that even golf has become less popular than scrap booking. In fact, 25% of households are engaged in scrap booking. Previously it was done with crafts and gluing the photos with the comments.

An album of photos or any other small clippings can make a scrap book. The subject of the scrap book may vary from babies to pets, or anything you want. Recently the craft has gained in popularity because of technically improved photography. Addiction to scrap booking is so intense that the first Saturday in May is announced as National Scrap booking Day by National Scrap booking Association.

If you are addicted to scrap booking, you will come to know that it is good thing. When you prepare a scrap book you are involved in an activity which gives you happiness. You will always select your favorite subject. Your scrap book is a kaleidoscope of memories. Whenever you will look it in future, we will remember all the things related to the particular photo or the event or the thing.

When you see somebody’s scrap book, you have the idea of preparing the scrap book; you may not be clear about the subject. May be you are full of ideas and you could not choose one out of them. That time you should write down your ideas and then you can decide your subject for scrap book. Once you decide the subject there are number of ways to help you to prepare the nice scrap book. Today online help is much more useful for preparing your scrap book.

Scrap books may include many things like invitations, drawings, cards, pictures apart from photos. You can give your personal touch to your scrap book by decorating it with ribbons, stamps, and your own comments will make it more interesting.

You will get the answer of the question ‘why people are addicted to scrap booking?’, once you start doing it. This addiction is healthy and spreads just like cool breeze of wind. It gives you relief from your day to day tension and stress. After a hectic schedule when you give only 15 minutes for your scrap book, it will reduce your fatigue and gives your smile. You will get a scope to show your creative abilities. Your imagination is the key to make it beautiful. Scrap book addiction will bring out your unknown capabilities.

There is no deadline or time limit to finish your work in time. You can continue it as per your wish. You need not have to do in one sitting. When you have spare time, you will spend it in scrap booking instead of other useless activities. If your friends are impressed then they will also join you in your scrap booking. That will give the joy of sharing with the friends.

If you are doing scrap booking, your children will help you and they will be impressed by it. If children are encouraged to prepare scrap book, that will be great for their development. They will remember the memories of the special occasion or the events.

Scrap booking is an addiction which will improve your life quality. It is an exception to the meaning of addiction which generally refers to an unhealthy obsession.

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