Accupuncture Chart

Due to the hectic lifestyle of the people, health problems and disorders have become a common problem. Many reasons like wrong eating habits, busy working schedules, no exercise etc contribute to the higher rise of these problems. Health disorders like blood pressure, weight gain etc may get a hold on the health slowly and steadily. If these health problems are not dealt with quickly and in good time, they can become severe and intense. However, the medical intervention and or treatments may bring along some kind of side effect with them. An acupuncture chart can easily help you deal with such daily difficulties.

Acupuncture is the right remedy for all the disease and the aliments without suffering from any side effects. Acupuncture is done by inserting thin solid steel needles in the affected areas. These needles are for single time use and are available in sterilized packs. The treatment involves activating the pressure points and the anatomical points with the use of different techniques. The experienced practitioners treat every patient with a new set of needles. Each set of needles come in a separate sealed pack and are hygienic and safe to use. However, this treatment must be taken from an experienced practitioner. Wrong treatment can lead into puncturing of the organs thus inviting foreign infections.

The infected area is cleaned with the disinfectant or some alcoholic solution before it is treated.

Different acupuncture charts are available to guide us with the specifications of the acupuncture point. These charts provide us with the details of the Chinese Therapies such as moxibution, reflexology, massage etc. These charts demonstrate the diagrams of the paths along with pressure points of the body. The main objective of this chart is to demonstrate the flow of the positive energy in the body.

There are many pressure points in a human body. Acupuncture chart highlights on the specific part of the body in regard with the pressure points. Therefore there are many charts for the different parts of the body i.e. for stomach, foot, back, head and ears that suggests the treatment for the aliment.

Before proceeding with the treatment, the patients are asked to give their details and rest of the information such as medical health report to their doctors. The main aim behind this to get details about the patient and to know if that person has had any medical allergies or if that person is taking any medical history. Acupuncture can provide long-term results against irritating pains and chronic diseases.

Stomach problems like acid reflux , irritable bowel problem, colitis, etc and gynecological problems like , morning sickness menstrual cramps , pricking pains like neck pains, shoulder pains, muscle sprains, sciatica respiratory problems like cold, asthma etc and many more disorders can be cured by this acupuncture . Magnets are used for the needle free treatments and are beneficial for the people who are scared of needles and electro activation pads that give the same effect as that of the needle treatments.

After the treatments, the patient feels relaxed which also gives the feeling of weight loss. Muscle pains and sprains are eliminated or reduced in some cases depending on the severity of the disorder. Massage therapies taken along with the acupuncture therapies can work wonders.

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