Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels have always had a top place in the market. Alloy is a mixture of two or more metals in certain proportions that is combined with a Base Metal (a metal which is generally in larger proportion). Automobile engineering uses the intricacies of Metallurgy to produce different types of "Alloys" that are used for enhancing the quality and durability of the mechanical machines.

The alloy metals are preferred in the manufacture of wheels over other metals due to the fact that these alloy metals provide a higher degree of strength as well as a dramatic reduction in weight over ferrous metals such as steel. Their specialized features make them ideal materials from which high performance wheels can be designed. In fact, in the present day it is difficult to imagine a top class racing car or a high performance highway cruiser that hasn't made use of these advance alloys.

The alloys used for wheels is of the most superior types developed specially for today's vehicles and it is a blend of aluminum base metal combined with other elements. The "Mag Wheel" is at times used to casually describe the alloy wheels. Magnesium is in general considered to be an inappropriate alloy for usage in cruisers due to its brittle nature and vulnerability to corrosion. Its flammability doesn't help the cause either!

The Alloy wheels vary from the normal steel wheels as they are lighter in weight and it improves the overall efficiency of the vehicles' performance. Alloy wheels are also better conductors of heat than the steel wheels and this property relives heat dissipation from the brakes, and minimizes the chances of brake failure in rugged driving conditions.

Hub caps are not usually used when the machine is fitted with an alloy wheel. This lowers the overall weight of the vehicle. However these alloy wheels are more superior to normal wheels, and though they are relatively affordable, they not very popular with car manufacturers.

Many Wheel Brands such as Panther Wheel, American Racing Wheels, Motegi Racing Performance Wheels, Weld Racing, BBS, 5Zigen, Volk Racing and Konig offer a large variety of alloy dubs. Due to the increasing demands from the street racers for larger diameter wheels many wheel manufacturing companies have arisen over the years.

Aftermarket wheel sales have also been affected due to the vast invasion of low-priced chrome alloy wheels from the East Asian countries like China. India, through the face of Synergies Castings Ltd. and other companies that has also emerged as a major provider of alloy / chrome wheels. They produce products at a global scale as they have access to large amounts of cheap labor.

A sizeable selection of alloy wheels are used by automobile owners who fancy lighter and stylish-looking wheels that not only increase their car's performance but are able to efficiently manipulate its handling and suspension. You will find that by using alloy wheels your cars will turn into a sleek and sexy trailblazer. The best part is that Alloy Wheels are easily available through the web.

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